Friday, August 28, 2009


I have 7 kids, age 11 and under, in my house - probably some chow mien noodles on my living room floor and the Hannah Montana Movie blaring on my TV. So far, no major injuries, and no fights. I think this is about as good as it gets. I would have had 8 kids here but one of them had to work this afternoon. (She's a talented little 10 year old who sings in commercials and stuff.) So their mom let me borrow the rest of them. You might think I'm crazy to be happy to have borrowed 3 extra kids, and that I was sad to have been shorted the 8th, but I have to tell you I really enjoy these kids!
The funny thing about the fact that I have 4 kids is that I don't really like kids... well, correction, I don't really like other people's kids... most of them anyway. So I'm always really excited when I get to hang out with people who's kids are (almost) as cool as mine. To make matters even better, this particular set of kids belong to one of my best friends ever... who has been my friend for about 20 years. Add to that the fact that her 4 are all about the same ages as mine and it's like magic! I've never seen 8 kids in one place have as few blow-ups and melt downs as our 8 do. So today was a fun day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is what I do...

Since getting the ax at work I spent one day helping at the property. Another day was spent I guess recovering from the night shift (read: doing absolutely nothing). Thursday I took all 4 kids to the eye doctor. That would normally have been a very long project but it wasn't. I totally recommend "Hip Optics" in Riverside - wow! Really, WOW! I was supposed to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork but got there 30 minutes early. They started seeing the kids instantly. By the time I had the paper work done all the kids pre-screening stuff was done too. Then they filed in one by one to see the eye doctor. We were done in under an hour from the time I arrived. All the kids had been seen, picked out new frames and ordered glasses. That may be the nearest I've seen to a miracle! Friday I packed. Well, to be more specific, Sarah packed while I helped between feeling overwhelmed! We got a TON done. There's still a lot more to do but it feels like a GIANT dent has been made. Then the kids had a visit with their dad. Saturday I had a kid free date with Brian for the afternoon. It was so amazing to finish conversations. That may seem like a strange thing to say but with 4 kids around all the time it is not an easy feat! Last night my friend came from out of town to visit. I got to show her the new house, then the kids and I got to go to dinner with her. It was fun to catch up... at least a little. Today we had a birthday party. We all got our faces painted. Yes all of us... I think they said I was supposed to be a bear. I dunno but it was funny. I had to stop at Target on the way home. I'm cool enough to rock the facepaint in Target. The guy at the checkout told me he thought someone may have played a trick on me while I was sleeping - that I should go look in the mirror.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Turn of events...

Sunday night I had a really good night at work. I handled several "in progress" calls and everything went smoothly. Pretty much for the first time since the beginning of this process I thought I might be ready to answer calls on my own. Even still I had come to a calm within myself about my future in this job. I was doing the best I could on every call, every day. I knew that I was supposed to be in the job for as long as I was there. It had become pretty clear that the determination of how long I lasted was not entirely dependent upon my personal progress. In fact I had a conversation with a coworker Sunday night and said "I know I'm where I'm supposed to be, because I'm here. If my time here ends tomorrow, in ten years, or the day I retire I'm ok with that." Ironically enough I came in Monday, sat thru briefing, and was escorted to the office of the Captain. I immediately knew what was coming. I was told that it was a "probationary termination - no cause needed or given." What I then found out is that 3 other trainees had been terminated in the same manner earlier in the day. Best I can guess we were, at least on some level, a byproduct of the budget issues.
I'm SO thankful that I was able to keep it together in front of the Captian with the exception of my trembling hand as I signed my paper work. Then I went and had a moment with my favorite supervisor while we went thru the rest of my final paperwork. I drove back to the property to change and pick up my other uniform to turn in. I told my parents and kids. Then I went back and turned in all my gear.
As I drove home I realized I'm kinda relieved. I mean obviously I need to find a way to support the kids and myself but I also get to pack and move without the stress of working a full time job. Getting canned is no fun but I'm content that if I was supposed to be in that job today I'd be there. So, whatever is next will come when it's supposed to.
I'm contemplating the possibility of going back to school, though I'm not sure what I'd do if I went. In the meantime, I'm officially a stay at home mom again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's been FOREVER...

So I decided to blog. I'm, as always, way too busy and totally overwhelmed with my house and stuff that needs to get done. Here's the rundown on stuff...

The house:

Is almost ready... for reals. We should be moving in less than a month. I'm packing... just one more thing on my never ending to do list. I'm actually enjoying it in some ways. I'm literally throwing away more than I'm packing, which is awesome! I am totally looking forward to simplifying my life and decluttering. I think I'll feel like a million dollars just not having to be surrounded by so much random crap. I threw away some stuff today that gave me a chuckle and some that made me scratch my head... The chuckle - the vasectomy info packet from the Kaiser orientation for the procedure the former never had. Why on earth was that thing still on top of the pantry?!?!?! The head scratching - a brand new set of kitchen knives. The thing that makes no sense is that I had just bought a new set right before the divorce. I know I didn't buy these which leads me to believe that they were probably stolen from a fundraiser for the school district he worked for. Well, they're in the trash now seeing as I wouldn't have the slightest clue who to return them to. If you're looking for a set of knives come check my trash this week.

The Child Support: short and sweet - it isn't at the moment. $260 total in the last 2 months combined, plus a grocery donation, don't come anywhere near the $1,738 owed for that time period. Not even close.

The Man: Brian and I are engaged. I'm totally excited! Our schedules are insane. He works every day that I'm off. We both work graves so that helps a little bit but in terms of setting a date it's clearly not ideal. I don't have any idea when we will actually get married but I'm so excited! He's amazing. The kids love him, and he loves them. I love him and he loves me, but most importantly he loves the creator of the universe and is intentional about seeking relationship with HIM.