Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things That Keep Me Up At Night

It's been years since I've been here. In fact the last time I complained about my ex on this blog, I had absolutely no idea the kind of chaos he had been causing. I won't give too many details, because it's not my story to tell, but a little over a year ago, after a year of criminal court dates, and finally, victim impact statements and sentencing, he will have about a dozen years to contemplate his life before he has the opportunity to hurt anyone else. By then, I don't anticipate that he will ever hear from any of our children again. It has been a long and grueling experience, with lots of therapy for me and all of the kids.
In the meantime, I am now a paralegal. I love what I do. I work in family law, so I work on cases of varying intensity, but that for each client is their life changing thing. I have some big dreams I would like to do with my skills, as soon as I find some benefactor who sees my vision, and wants to make my dream a reality.
Sometimes, I can't shut my brain off. It seems the case a lot lately. Tonight it shut off just fine, but decided to roar back to life at 12:45 a.m., paying no mind that I have to get up for work in 6 hours.
I'm not sure what compelled me to come back here after so long, but maybe this place is like therapy too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

That one time... when he says he had a stroke.

My ex is amazing. Like really REALLY amazing. A long while back he told me he had cancer. I knew at the time it was most likely a lie because well... he wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the face, stuck out it's hand and introduced itself. The other day he called to tell me he was working again so the child support should start coming in again. Ok. He said he'd been off work because he had gotten hit in the head and had a concussion. Ok. I guess I didn't respond with enough care and concern because suddenly that concussion, it turned into a STROKE... He had a STROKE!!! Ok. The "Ok" you see all along there? Yeah, that was my response to each statement. Frankly, I just don't care. I do have to mention though that if the miserable individual has managed to get kidney cancer AND have a stroke before the age of 37, I really wonder how it is that he keeps getting so lucky to survive such horrible maladies. Good grief! Oh yeah, but then I remember, to be a "survivor" you have to have actually HAD said maladies and we've already established that the truth isn't known to walk up and slap a jerk just before reaching out it's hand to introduce itself so... Yeah.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back at it...

After three relatively drama free years on the custody front the former decided he wanted more custody of the kids. So he filed for an EMERGENCY hearing. Since there was no emergency, that was denied and we were scheduled for mediation, which is tomorrow.
The thing is that the last time he tried this (in an attempt to get 50/50 custody) he ended up with the current order, which is two hours of supervised visits per week. Want to know how many of those he has used in the last two years or so? THREE. Yep, that's it. But he went to parenting classes so that should be enough right?
I have about 7,000 reasons why he shouldn't have unsupervised access to the kids. I don't anticipate having any trouble whatsoever convincing the mediator the same, but it sure does ruffle our calm world to have to go thru this crap at his whim.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I just read EVERY blog I've ever posted here!

Wow, talk about flashbacks... sometimes I couldn't even remember the events I was reading about. I would think back and go "who/what was I talking about?!" lol. It's strange how much my life has changed since I started blogging, that's for sure!

I love the life I have now. I also know that it is a direct result of the work I did around the time I started this blog. Obviously things aren't all rainbows and unicorns that poop skittles but I am content. I would still like to win the lottery but seeing as I don't buy tickets I think the odds are against me there.

My favorite observation... my feet have flip flop tan lines in every picture I've ever posted of them... and if I posted a foot pic right now, you would see the same tan lines! I guess I'm just a flip flop girl.

Since I don't have a picture of my feet that is worth posting (I don't have a new pedicure and I'm pregnant so painting my OWN is... well, it's just not gonna happen) I thought I'd post some "belly pics." I'm 25 weeks now but I don't have a current pic handy so these will have to do for now...

17 weeks 23 weeks

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Once a year?

Yeah I uh... suck at this blogging thing huh? It's been almost a year since I posted anything and even before that I was pretty hit and miss for a long time!

I've moved like 74.5 times since I last blogged. I live in Egypt now... I would like to move back to somewhere that doesn't resemble the moon in terms of it's proximity to... well, EVERYTHING. Maybe next year.

I am 18 weeks pregnant. WOOT. Oh, and I'm also unemployed... not so woot. I didn't plan it that way but life just happens.

The kids are doing great. Their dad is still useless. Brian is still amazing and I am so blessed to have him.

So basically life keeps moving and not a whole lot has changed. Except for where I live and the baby on the way :-)

Maybe I'll do this again in less than a year... maybe.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How did I not know about this?!

So I guess you can go to the movies for free every week at Regal Cinema's, at least during the summer. They show older movies but we never see movies so the kids haven't seen any of the movies anyway.
Last week we saw uh, yeah well I don't remember the name of it... but it was that Ice Age movie with the dinosaurs. It was cute. Tomorrow we are going to see Imagine That, the movie with Eddie Murphy. I'm kinda looking forward to this one actually because I remember thinking it looked cute when I saw the previews forever ago.
So that's what's coming up tomorrow, but today I'm headed to the doctor. I think the devil has taken up residency in my ear. I swear it has never hurt so bad. It's practically swollen shut and it hurts like heck. Fun times!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I win!

So I just had to come back and say it's official. According to Isaiah, Marquez was wrong... Napoleon Dynamite is the stupidest movie of all time! YES.. apparently gestating the kid gave me a leg up on the competition... LOL!