Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hi, my name is Elissa. It's been 13 days since my last post.

Hi, my name is Elissa and I've fallen off the blog bandwagon again! It's been almost two weeks since my last post!

See, the thing is, it's been really hard to come up with things to write about when the thing I want most to say I can't... Yet. I think I should be able to spill the beans in a few more weeks though. I am buzzing with excitement about my announcement!

In other news, my car is on it's last leg. I need a new one! Well not a NEW one but one that, I don't know, say starts on demand with at least relative frequency. I think it would also be cool if the car would only start with the key, preferably the one that is meant to start the car. (If any of you are looking for a filthy ride come on over to my job and pick it up, it wouldn't take much to steal it!) Oh, and if the air worked that would be such a huge bonus! I mean seriously, I come in to work after lunch looking like I jumped out of a plane on my break. I could deal with it, I guess, if it was just me, but I also have at least one kid prone to car sickness. We can usually head it off with a good dose of nice cold air conditioning but when that option is no longer available then we have a problem. I have been wanting a Saturn Outlook since they came out in late 2007. I've test driven them twice. I'm excited that it seats 8 but gets better gas mileage than my van! So I'm looking. I'm not in a panic at least until the day that my van doesn't start at all but one of these days I'm going to be driving a nice new (at least to me) Outlook! WooHoo!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Say My Name, Say My Name!

So I was doing a mindless questionnaire out of boredom over on the teenyboppers social networking site, also known as MySpace, when I came across a question. The question was why did my parents give me the name they did. Somehow in my mind the rabbit trail from that question led to this post, so here we go.
First of all some background: My mom's childhood neighbor was named Elissa. Obviously when you know someone with a name it becomes familiar to you. My parents chose to name me after her. All is well until I was about 7 days old and they realized there was a problem. So many people had trouble saying my name that by the time I was a week old my brother, who was 22 months old at the time, told a waitress in a restaurant that my name was "Melissa without the M" or at least that's the story as I recall it.
I have spent the rest of my life doing essentially the same thing. I was probably eight when I remember laying awake at night trying to figure out how, exactly, my mom intended people to pronounce my name. Frankly, they usually just called me "liss" (or "chubby cheeks" but that's for another post). See the problem was this: Mom's whole family calls me EEEEElissa (seriously EMPHASIS ON THE E!!!!!). My Dad's family called me something closer to Eh-lissa. People at school pronounced it like Alyssa. And those are just the pronunciations that were somewhere close to right... Then there's the great uncle who, to this day calls me Aleesa, Alicia or something else that is close but really, really not right. I have only had one teacher in my entire school career who said my name right the first time. Many of them never said it right all semester!
When I say my name I say it like the letter "L" and then "issa." Oh and then there's this... I can't ever, ever say "Hi, I'm Elissa" because then I put that pesky "m" right in front of my name and the person will invariably call me "Melissa" for the rest of my life. I learned (probably right around that lying awake incident) that I have to say "hi, my name is Elissa" or I was doomed to be mispronounced! You would think that seeing it written would help, but that only seems to make it worse!

... and my brother's name is Mark. How many times do you think someone has said his name wrong in his whole life?! :~)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The state of my house...

Is unbearable! I have probably 7 loads of dirty laundry, and three loads of unfolded clean laundry. Not to mention the sheets that need to be washed... I woke up this morning to a kitchen full of a weeks worth of dirty dishes, which probably sounds a lot worse than it is but in reality we only get to eat at home about once a week because of work and church schedules, so it was mostly cups and random stuff. I also had about a year and a half worth of mail and random junk piled up on my piano and the buffet behind the piano that really NEEDED to be dealt with... ok, I exaggerate, it was probably only about 3 months worth... I know, I know it's ridiculous!!! My bookshelf in the kitchen had last years leftover consumable textbooks and a few regular textbooks that still needed to go back to the kids teacher. Don't even get me started about the kids rooms!
So, I recruited Ella and Abby to unload the dishwasher. Isaiah loaded it. The kids cleaned their rooms, well they did a kid version of cleaning their rooms which means at least I know there is still carpet in there. I cleared out the textbooks and the drawers and cabinet beneath them. While I was at it I cleaned out my desk. I filled an entire trash bag. Then I found my piano under all the crap that had piled up. I organized and moved all my important junk into the desk... you know where important junk should go. I managed to get the mountain of dirty laundry moved to the garage. Then I realized I'm out of laundry soap, oh... and toilet paper too, but the kids are napping now so I guess I'll have to get to all the laundry tomorrow! As for the T.P., if I get desperate at least I know I have good neighbors!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I might make some enemies but at least the election is over!

First of all I'll say it, I voted for the other guy. Not because I thought he was amazing but because I lean his way politically. I also realize that in the state of California my vote was essentially wasted. All of that said, I was tempted to vote for Obama. I am excited to experience history in the making. I am proud that have come far enough that matters of race won't keep a man from the presidency, and it gives me hope that my daughters too could be president one day. Not that I'd wish the job on them mind you but if they want it... by all means! The irony is that one of the things I don't agree with Obama on is the redistribution of wealth thing, even though I'm probably in the position to benefit from it. My brother's increased taxes will basically be headed straight to my pocket. (Hey Mark, wanna cut out the middle man?)

All the political wrangling of the last few months had me dizzy. I was sick of all of it. I wanted it to end! I was tired of political signs every 3 feet and swarms of people begging me to honk at every street corner.

I am amazed, I must say, that in this state we value farm animals more than human lives. That two consenting gay adults cannot get married (and where you stand on that issue isn't the point but rather the contrast of that fact to this one:) but a 10 year old girl can get an abortion without her parents even knowing it truly blows my mind. What kind of sense does that make? That little girl couldn't get ibuprofen at school, a pair of prescription eyeglasses, or even cold medicine without parental consent, but we will allow her to have the life of her unborn child suctioned from her womb without any thought. All the while we want to make REAL sure that animals headed for slaughter as food have enough room to stretch their legs/wings etc. while they wait! Ridiculous!

You can all call me crazy but I am just plain confused at how this stuff makes any sense.