Monday, July 26, 2010

How did I not know about this?!

So I guess you can go to the movies for free every week at Regal Cinema's, at least during the summer. They show older movies but we never see movies so the kids haven't seen any of the movies anyway.
Last week we saw uh, yeah well I don't remember the name of it... but it was that Ice Age movie with the dinosaurs. It was cute. Tomorrow we are going to see Imagine That, the movie with Eddie Murphy. I'm kinda looking forward to this one actually because I remember thinking it looked cute when I saw the previews forever ago.
So that's what's coming up tomorrow, but today I'm headed to the doctor. I think the devil has taken up residency in my ear. I swear it has never hurt so bad. It's practically swollen shut and it hurts like heck. Fun times!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I win!

So I just had to come back and say it's official. According to Isaiah, Marquez was wrong... Napoleon Dynamite is the stupidest movie of all time! YES.. apparently gestating the kid gave me a leg up on the competition... LOL!

Random stuff...

Sophia cried today because Ella accidentally killed a ladybug and ladybugs remind Sophia of Karissa.

Ella is 9 today... where did the time go?

We are going to be house hunting again soon... yep, after finishing the house, and moving in, we aren't going to end up staying. Know anyone who wants to buy a great house?
I love my tub, I'm going to miss it... maybe we'll get lucky and find a rental house with an over sized jetted tub in the master suite... Yep, lets go ahead and plan on that! :)

And finally, the funniest conversation of the day...The backstory: My ex lost his job and got himself into some hot water for stealing from his former employer. Hot water like 90 days weekends, 5 years probation, and a felony conviction. So, today I was talking to my him and he asked me to hold on while he did something at work. Upon returning to our conversation he says "We've been having lots of things disappear at work lately it's weird... and it's NOT me!" I laughed and told him that was going to have to be the quote of the day. He said "ok, just don't use my name." Done.

In competition for funniest quote of the day... Isaiah asked if he could watch Napoleon Dynamite which, in my opinion, is the STUPIDEST movie ever made. So I tell him sure but that it's the stupidest movie ever made. He says "yeah well Marquez said it's funny." I say "well then we'll see who's right huh?" His response "I trust Marquez, I've known him longer." (Uh, really kid? Who birthed you dude?!) then he says "just kidding!" Yeah, I certainly hope so!