Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wow.. really?!

It's been more than 3 months since I've posted anything! Well, I guess in my defense I've been a bit busy with life!

I'm moved into the new house... long time coming!!! It's amazing. In fact more amazing than I could have imagined! Along with the move came some interesting transitions as well. The girls are all three officially sharing a room. Sophia now has a big girl bed, which she proudly sleeps in (almost) every night! Then kids have a play room (which doubles as a guest room) that is saving my sanity!
I got to play "Miss Holiday" with the kids in their Christmas musical... I was awful... they were great... it was fun! Isaiah and Ella both had major speaking parts and Abi was a dancer.
In other news, Brian and I got married! Super quick and totally under the radar. In fact we basically didn't tell anyone until after the fact. It was perfect. No chaos, no elaborate planning - well to be honest, very little planning at all. We went away for the night that night and were back the next day... off and running. We are going to get away this weekend for a Vegas trip which should be a ton of fun!

I am still job hunting so if one of my 2 readers knows of an opening in something clerical hook me up. (As if you wouldn't already have done that for me by now anyway!)

Seeing as it's taken me this long to get around to posting I think it would be safe to say Merry Christmas now since chances are good I won't find time to post again until after the holidays!