Monday, September 14, 2009

Are they SERIOUS???
Just read this article... and it's not like I found it on PerezHilton or TMZ it's like a reputable news source...

I'm trying to figure this out. This newsman stayed home from work because, after biking 25 miles and dancing "all night" at a party, he feels achy and feverish and thinks he has Swine Flu. Possibly the funniest thing about it is that the shows medical correspondent is applauding him for staying out of circulation. Wait, because long bike rides and all night dancing are CLEARLY a communicable disease! Um, hate to break it to ya buddy but it sounds to me more like you need a vacation from your weekend!

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Scruluce said...

you mean you don't see how swine flu is totally and completely plausible? only God knows how sanitary the other octogenarians on the dance floor were ... he could have mono and be naively mis-self-diagnosing due to swine flu being such a trendy ailment.