Thursday, June 4, 2009

The job... the house... life... and stuff

The job... is going well. I'm completely and totally stressed out and don't expect that to change for about a year, but I'm learning and making progress which is good. I took a pretty major (for me anyway) call yesterday and handled it really well... I didn't get anyone killed so that's good right?! I wish I could blink and be done with training, but I can't seem to find the fast forward button. Oh, and I start graveyard shift on Sunday. Fun times!

The house... is coming along. I'm gonna move in there, really I am! And I'm fairly convinced it's gonna happen sometime this summer. I've been doing some painting this week... with a little help from a friend. (Thanks Sarah!) The hall bathroom (which is really two bathrooms) is painted. My room has a coat on. I still need a second coat on the whole room. Unfortunately the ceiling is not the same color as the walls and they both need another coat. My mom has been painting and cutting tile while my dad has been laying floors... it's totally coming along!

Since my training for my job is so stressful, and add to that now I've been trying to help out at the new house, my current home is beyond awful. I am going to get at some laundry tonight and try to get my kitchen presentable. On top of all the cleaning that needs to be done I have a serious need to purge... and pack. I don't know how I'll ever get on top of it!

The kids are crazy... it's past bed time... I gotta go get them to sleep!

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lovemyguys said...

I'm here for you, girl. For whatever you need. I'll help pack, I'll help clean, I'll help with laundry, I'll help paint. You've got my number...USE IT!