Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday fun...

I had planned to go to church on Sunday morning but by the time I got to Brian's house we were going to be late anyway. He was also in the middle of a project when we got there so we ended up opting for plan B. We set out for an adventure and found a church to visit Sunday night instead.

We started driving and talking about places he had wanted to show me and places I had read about that I wanted to see... things in our own backyard that we just never take the time to explore.
I had heard that the first ever McDonald's was in San Bernardino. I knew the building was still there... what I didn't know was... well... They don't serve food anymore, they only serve memories. So we found ourselves at the McDonald's "Museum."

They had just about every happy meal toy ever delivered in a happy meal... and a giant selection of happy meal boxes too. There were millions of things to look at. It was pretty interesting, and it was free. Now I will say that it was a disaster by any standard for a museum which is why I put the word in quotes above... but for a free walk down memory lane it was pretty cool. My favorite thing was the playland toys that have gone by the wayside in favor of giant indoor hamster tubing playthings! They had one of the old carousels with the McDonald characters on it. I remember thinking that it was kind of like the ones in front of the grocery store except you actually had to push it like a playground merry-go-round. The kids weren't allowed to play on that one but they did get to play in the giant hamburger!

They also dutifully posed in front of the freaky tree with a face...
Then, as luck would have it, there was a military museum right next door. It was also free. The kids thought I was amazing for planning such a fun trip. The men in the museum were very knowledgeable and there was a TON to see. This museum was very well organized and they even gave the kids coloring pages while we talked and looked at things there. It was kind of funny because the one older gentleman was obviously annoyed at the kids, even though the other men were so sweet to them. He also pulled out a book of news clippings to show me about "the women's work" in the military... he had probably 15 books put together... 1/8 of one was about "the women." Not one to be left out he also pulled out his section about "the negroes" for Brian. He really was very sweet in spite of the fact that he was obviously stuck in 1958.

There was an army jeep inside the museum. The kind gentleman told me I could put the kids in it and take a picture. So I loaded them up...

I kinda wish I'd inspected it first... not for dangerous war remnants but for inappropriate signage!!! See, there was this sticker, right by the steering wheel that said something to the effect of "Don't lean on this vehicle unless you are nude."
Guess they broke the rules in this picture... sorry buddy, my kids aren't pin ups!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nothin' much...

Just kinda wishin' I had a sitter so I could go out on a grown up date. Argh... I'm really looking forward to living closer to all the church kids who baby sit!!! I need a day off once in a while... or at least a few hours!

Since the kids don't spend time at their dad's anymore I don't have a built in break. That has been good for them and by extension for me in many ways... they are adjusting well. Now that I'm settling into a routine though I'm starting to miss the little break too.

Anyway... off to a BBQ with Brian... fun day today :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So uh...

I answer calls now... it's sometimes scary and I'm a little overwhelmed by all the details I have to remember but I think I'm gonna be ok. I've had probably 5 dispatchers (who have all been trainers at one point) tell me, in some way or another, that I'm going to do well. My trainer actually told me that I'm the kind of trainee every trainer wishes they had... hope I can live up to that. The thing is though I really feel like none of these people had to say any of these things if they didn't really believe it, so it does make me feel good.

As for interesting calls... there have been a few, but most are pretty mundane, and many are downright stupid. I honestly cannot believe what people will call 911 for!

I finally feel relaxed enough that I am going to tackle my chaotic mess of a house tomorrow!

Oh, and Brian got hired with AMR! He's off to orientation for the next three days in Santa Clarita... fun stuff!