Saturday, April 4, 2009

Test #5...

95%... I am thinking it's possible that I might make it through without having to use either of my 2 retakes!!! Here's hoping! I have more studying to do this weekend as test #6 is Monday. The 7th test is on Easter Sunday. There are two more tests in the week after that and then the written and practical finals. Yikes! I find myself amazed at the quantity of information I have absorbed! I wish more of it was on instant recall, but it's all in there and that's a good thing!

Now I'm off to shower, get ready and head out to drop the kids off for their visit with their dad. I'm glad he has the money to pay for his visits really, I am. It does frustrate me that he couldn't seem to find a way to pay the court ordered child support... not even a part of it!

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