Monday, April 13, 2009

Just thought I'd mention...

I'm freaking TERRIFIED! We took some mock calls today. I totally choked! To be fair I should say that I was expecting a non emergency call for something that had already past when my instructor decided to make an example out of me and give me an emergency.

So, my reporting party (aka the instructor) is screaming that someone is shooting. I tried to ask good questions, really I did!

I asked who was shooting, she didn't know - but offered to go look. (I told her not to!)

I asked where it was occurring, she said "here." Well thanks. I guess I should anticipate my caller isn't going to answer intelligently unless I am totally specific though.

I asked for her name, she fought me on that.

I asked for her phone number, another fight!!!

Oh, and I flubbed the call type too. YIKES! I didn't ask who was being shot at or if they were shooting at her or her house... all pretty vital information in hindsight!

I did manage to get a good address and phone number. It wasn't a total loss. No one else in the class had a perfect, or even near perfect, call. So I know in the future I'll try to ask better questions... the future being NEXT WEEK, when we start answering LIVE CALLS... and take our final! HOLY CRAP I'M TERRIFIED!

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