Saturday, April 11, 2009

Death of the Toothfairy...

The truth is I've always been a TERRIBLE toothfairy. The problem just seems to be getting worse. I think by the time Sophia starts tucking teeth under her pillow it will be a miracle if the toothfairy EVER remembers.

Isaiah lost a tooth two days ago. He dutifully tucked it under his pillow, twice. I unceremoniously forgot to do my toothfairily duties... twice. So this morning he was all sorts of disappointed. Yesterday was bad, but today was worse!

In my defense, all I had in my wallet was a ten dollar bill. Now, the toothfairy cannot go around dropping $10's. I have four kids. They will all be freaking out if the toothfairy gives Isaiah $10 and they get $2! I had every intention of going out to break that ten while Brian stayed behind to hold down the fort... but the first night I just plain forgot. I know that's no defense. So last night it took the kids a while to fall asleep and Brian and I were in the middle of a rare kid free conversation when Sophia woke up, freaking out. Then there was the midnight sun blazing down from the chopper whirring overhead... declaring the end of a neighborhood party. There were teenagers scattering like ants. It was quite an event. Sophia didn't fall asleep until like 1 a.m.! By that time I had completely forgotten that I had a job to do...

So this morning I told Isaiah I screwed up. I told him I'm supposed to help the toothfairy but I suck at it. He laughed and acted like he was surprised I'm the toothfairy... but really he wasn't. Then I recruited him. I told him maybe if he helps me I'll be a better toothfairy for his sisters. He was really excited about that. Then I dutifully listened to him explain Pokemon... for eternity. The boy was happy. He lost the toothfairy (sort of) but he got to give me game on Pokemon, which I'm pretty sure to him was WAY better than believing in a toothfairy who rarely shows up on time!

Hey mom, I think I can explain Pokemon to you now... maybe.

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