Tuesday, April 14, 2009

County Tour - East End

I saw the Salton Sea today, from a distance. I went from Rialto to Riverside to go to work. Then from Riverside through Palm Desert and then on to Salton Sea. I get carsick. I need to see the road. Apparently after about 8 hours of driving, with no head rest to lean back on, even seeing the road does not keep me from getting sick. We pulled off for one last potty break in Cabazon on the way back to Riverside and I almost puked. I walked in to the bathroom (yes a public restroom - scary enough as it is) and it smelled like, well, restroom. I lurched. I turned around. I ran out of the bathroom. I held it the rest of the way to Riverside. I'd rather die than vomit. I've said it a million times. I found out today I'd also rather risk peeing myself in a van full of coworkers than puke.

Tomorrow = a test. Then, County tour - West end. I'm totally hoping I can hold it together better for that one.

After work tomorrow, I'm off to DC!

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