Monday, March 30, 2009

Test #4...

and I got... a 97%!!!! So I realized that every time I take a test I come away feeling like "Ok, if that's what I've got to deal with, I can TOTALLY handle this!" Then we get inundated with a crap load of new material and I think "how the heck am I EVER going to know all of this?!?!?!" Today I realized we are almost half way there. In terms of regular tests I think we only have 3 left. Then there are two finals. A practical and a written test. The next two tests I don't think will be as hard as the previous ones because the first is on our computer system which seems like it's going to come pretty quickly to begin with. Plus we are using it all week so I'll have TONS of in class study time! The next test is on the phone system and our instructor pretty much told us today that if we don't pass it we have WAY bigger problems because it should be that easy... here's hoping! So my next big stress points will be the geography test - we have to know all the communities and have a pretty decent knowledge of the entire county. Did I mention it's like the fourth biggest county in the country?!

Well, off I go to study... again!

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