Sunday, March 29, 2009

Study, study, and then, study some more!!!

The kids had their first supervised visit with their dad yesterday. It went well. I spent the time studying at Starbucks.

Friday's test was a giant shock to the entire class. We had been told that they wouldn't surprise us on a test. They said it wasn't their goal to trick us. We were told over and over again NOT to get ahead of ourselves. To stay focused on what they said we needed to do. That being the case, we all studied our call types but few, if any, studied abbreviations since we were told the abbreviations test was coming up Monday. Well imagine our surprise when 20 of the 60 test questions focused on abbreviations. I think I gasped out loud when I saw them. When everyone had finished the test, only three of the 12 had passed. Thankfully I was one of them, but only barely - I got an 82%. There was a revolt in the works though before the test was graded! Probably 8 of the girls from the class were in the bathroom fuming and planning an attack on the fairness of the test. As soon as we got our tests back we basically all started complaining in rapid fire succession. The instructors defense initially was, "well, we told you that if we covered it in class it could appear on a test." but we had been given the distinct impression that we could be tested on something that had appeared on a prior test, but NOT on something that we hadn't been tested on yet. She almost immediately said she would talk to the person in charge and see what could be done. There were two new instructors in class who had never taught before and I think they were shell shocked to say the least. I'm pretty sure they didn't realize that this is what they were getting themselves into! In the end they decided to eliminate those 20 questions from the total score, which brought my grade to an 88%. Still not great, but good enough.

Anyway we have a test scheduled for Monday. It says it is on the abbreviations BUT... on Friday afternoon the instructors covered a TON of new information. Based on the whole "if we covered it in class it's fair game on a test" comments I'm pretty much not letting any of it slide. I think I have 400 flash cards worth of information I need to know by tomorrow morning! Fortunately I know about 325 of them now but most of the ones I don't know are way more involved!!!

I'm off to study - forget about getting the house clean this weekend I guess... ugh!

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