Friday, March 6, 2009

End of an era... and out of another era.

My life as a receptionist for a law firm has officially ended. It was an interesting ride. One coworker got her proverbial panties in a bunch and told me yesterday that I am not her friend. In the event you think I am joking, I am not. I checked my calendar, and no, I am not in the third grade. I continued to play nice with my "un"friend anyway.

Two of my coworkers gave me a lovely card and a $50.00 gift card to Target! My cousin made good on the Donut Man. As a result of Mr. Donut, I now feel completely sugared out! I went to lunch with a couple of attorney's and our I.T. guy and had a blast!

During my exit interview I found out that I had actually been accruing vacation since my start date. So, even though I was not entitled to use my vacation until I had been there a year, I was entitled to be paid for it upon my separation. YEAH! Then my boss said "goodbye." I went about saying goodbye to a couple of coworkers and we walked out together.

As I was about to drive out of the parking lot, I got a seething text message from my "un"friend about how horrible a person I am because I didn't come back to my desk after my exit interview. That it was terrible of me to leave her to cover "my" desk. She said it was a nice way to say goodbye - I think that was sarcasm. I almost wrote her back to say that I thought she wasn't my friend... but I didn't, because I remembered I'm not a third grader.

One last thing - I totally forgot to add this part and considering the title it's kinda important... I did my hair today. It turned out super cute. Some really OLD dude came to the office today. He looked at me and told me my hair looked like it was right out of the 40's. Guess I succeeded.


Christina Ellis said...

40's hair? I love it! Photo please!

Elissa said...

Hey Christina, I'll do you one better - I did it again (though it's slightly different) today so I'll find you tonight at church :)