Monday, February 23, 2009

Ahhh... I got called out.... Welcome to my blog.

I got a call from the former - yeah the one facing criminal charges - and he proceeds to tell me a few things. First of all his relationship has ended. This is no surprise. In my mind it has always been a matter of when, not if. As a result, he tells me, he has the kids clothes and stuff to bring to them. This break up has happened a few times and never stuck. I think this time it might be the end. Who knows... but if it is, it's just one more thing for the kids to grieve.

A week or two ago I had asked him, at Isaiah's request, for a game controller and some other things that had been gifts to Isaiah. He said if Isaiah wanted them he would have to ask himself. So on Saturday, Isaiah mustered up the courage to ask him for them. Literally the poor kid had to psych himself out to get the courage to ask a question he must have anticipated the answer to. Drew said no. I couldn't for the life of me understand why he would tell me that Isaiah had to be the one to ask when all along he knew he was going to say no. It honestly seemed cruel to me (actually the counselor said it was cruel as well - so I don't think I'm being overly sensitive here either), but I reassured a broken hearted Isaiah that it was ok. That it was just stuff, that well ... I didn't know what to say but I tried to make him feel better about it anyway. Well, apparently Drew changed his mind because tonight he says to tell Isaiah he had those very items.

Then he cancelled plans to meet on Thursday for Sophia's birthday (which is Wednesday) because he's cooking up some bigger plan for a weekend day in the next few weeks. Did you know that kids don't really care so much about a big event as they do that you keep your word? Anyway so now the kids are telling me I lied because they aren't going to see their dad on Thursday. Awesome. I had to explain that I didn't lie. The plans changed.

Then, he tells me he has found some "stuff" on me. So I ask what kind of stuff he's referring to. He says he's seen stuff I've written on my blog and implies that he doesn't like what he's found. He tells me this as if he now has some serious dirt on me. Really. Like anything I could write here could begin to compete with a felony charge? That's funny.

Tonight I decided to read through everything I've ever written about him. You know what? I'm still proud of the way I have responded, and I don't think anything I've written has been inappropriate. In fact I think the things I've written have been pretty level headed and ultimately fair.

Maybe he didn't like the links to the articles about his (I should probably say alleged..?) crimes? You know what's really interesting? I first wrote about the arrest I knew would come way back in October of 2007. I didn't say it clearly then because I knew there was an investigation happening, but I did know the day would come when he would be caught.

I'm not worried about him finding "dirt" on me here. I don't have anything to hide.

Welcome to my blog.

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Scruluce said...

i haven't read everything you've posted, but let me reaffirm your thoughts all the same.

i can't say what i've read sounds remotely bitter or malicious. i entirely agree that you come of as completely level headed and structured in what you have posted. Of course you are biased. they are your children and it is your life. that doesn't make it irrational or spiteful.