Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's been a little bit...

I've been kinda busy. First of all the holiday's were busy, as usual. Well, maybe not in the usual way but still busy.

Brian completed the EMT program and we all went to the completion ceremony where he was recognized with an award for excellence. There was even a write up in the paper about it. His last name has apparently been officially changed to "Thomas" I guess they thought Thompson was a little too long. In any event it was fun. My parents came with us to his parents house after the ceremony and met each other for the first time that night. Now he is studying for the National exam which he is taking tomorrow.

I spent Christmas Eve with Brian's family, which was a lot of fun. I enjoy being around them! Then we came back to my house and waited for my kids to get home from their dad's house. Once we got them to bed and played Santa, Brian went home. We had Christmas morning with my parent and the kids... and my dad's home made cinnamon rolls YUMMY! Then Brian came over for Christmas dinner.

There was definitely a gaping hole in Christmas without Karissa here... which felt even bigger without Mark and Adrianne here too. They had an amazing trip to NYC though - which I followed through twitter - that is quite the fun addiction!

The day after Christmas Brian came with me and the kids to the Ashley family Christmas. He had met some of my family but he got the full force that day. It was a blast. He helped my uncle take my grandma back to the home and made major brownie points with my grandpa. Though he didn't do it to make a good impression, it is just his nature, it was still a nice side effect.

There has been a whole host of drama in the "former" department... which I want in jest to refer to as "baby daddy drama" but I'm pretty sure that would make me sound lame... not that I'm one to care much about how I sound seeing as I've lived 32 years without a functioning filter. Anyway I guess I need to make a joke of it because it's been so horrible it's one of those laugh or cry kinda deals. I have spent the better part of a year pleading for changes on behalf of the kids and it finally reached a point where their therapist was saying they shouldn't have to go, not based on anything I say but on what the kids are telling her. Now I'm working on setting up a supervised situation which the therapist thinks is a good idea.

So that was probably about 5 blogs in one because I've been lazy with my blogs for a while.

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