Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Work is optional when you owe child support...

Or at least that's what my "BFF" thinks. He took more than a week worth of time off work, without pay, because he was out of sick and vacation time. Oh, and don't worry, he wasn't sick or anything. In fact he kept asking for extra time with the kids because he had time off work! Never mind that he knew full well taking that time off would mean I would end up getting less of the support than he already doesn't pay in full every month. You think he could have mentioned it say, when he took the time off without pay??? or perhaps when he got his paycheck and saw that it was significantly less than half of what it normally is! Nope. He waited until I found out - because the deposit was short two days before Christmas. Then, when I sent him a text asking what happened he said "I'm sorry what did you want me to do?" UGH - try work and support the four kids you have with me!
Icing on the cake - Sunday morning when he picked up the kids he tells me they are getting "spoiled" at his house for Christmas, and that his girlfriend just made $400 in tips the night before and is making a ton again that day so they have all this money! Nice huh! (not that I think she should pay his debt to me and the kids but really - is that why he figured he didn't need to work?!)

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