Saturday, November 8, 2008

The state of my house...

Is unbearable! I have probably 7 loads of dirty laundry, and three loads of unfolded clean laundry. Not to mention the sheets that need to be washed... I woke up this morning to a kitchen full of a weeks worth of dirty dishes, which probably sounds a lot worse than it is but in reality we only get to eat at home about once a week because of work and church schedules, so it was mostly cups and random stuff. I also had about a year and a half worth of mail and random junk piled up on my piano and the buffet behind the piano that really NEEDED to be dealt with... ok, I exaggerate, it was probably only about 3 months worth... I know, I know it's ridiculous!!! My bookshelf in the kitchen had last years leftover consumable textbooks and a few regular textbooks that still needed to go back to the kids teacher. Don't even get me started about the kids rooms!
So, I recruited Ella and Abby to unload the dishwasher. Isaiah loaded it. The kids cleaned their rooms, well they did a kid version of cleaning their rooms which means at least I know there is still carpet in there. I cleared out the textbooks and the drawers and cabinet beneath them. While I was at it I cleaned out my desk. I filled an entire trash bag. Then I found my piano under all the crap that had piled up. I organized and moved all my important junk into the desk... you know where important junk should go. I managed to get the mountain of dirty laundry moved to the garage. Then I realized I'm out of laundry soap, oh... and toilet paper too, but the kids are napping now so I guess I'll have to get to all the laundry tomorrow! As for the T.P., if I get desperate at least I know I have good neighbors!

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