Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I might make some enemies but at least the election is over!

First of all I'll say it, I voted for the other guy. Not because I thought he was amazing but because I lean his way politically. I also realize that in the state of California my vote was essentially wasted. All of that said, I was tempted to vote for Obama. I am excited to experience history in the making. I am proud that have come far enough that matters of race won't keep a man from the presidency, and it gives me hope that my daughters too could be president one day. Not that I'd wish the job on them mind you but if they want it... by all means! The irony is that one of the things I don't agree with Obama on is the redistribution of wealth thing, even though I'm probably in the position to benefit from it. My brother's increased taxes will basically be headed straight to my pocket. (Hey Mark, wanna cut out the middle man?)

All the political wrangling of the last few months had me dizzy. I was sick of all of it. I wanted it to end! I was tired of political signs every 3 feet and swarms of people begging me to honk at every street corner.

I am amazed, I must say, that in this state we value farm animals more than human lives. That two consenting gay adults cannot get married (and where you stand on that issue isn't the point but rather the contrast of that fact to this one:) but a 10 year old girl can get an abortion without her parents even knowing it truly blows my mind. What kind of sense does that make? That little girl couldn't get ibuprofen at school, a pair of prescription eyeglasses, or even cold medicine without parental consent, but we will allow her to have the life of her unborn child suctioned from her womb without any thought. All the while we want to make REAL sure that animals headed for slaughter as food have enough room to stretch their legs/wings etc. while they wait! Ridiculous!

You can all call me crazy but I am just plain confused at how this stuff makes any sense.


K Fend said...

I'm not mad atcha for voting McCain. My parents probably did for the same reason. Heck, I might've had it not been for MyDebates on myspace! hahaha

As far as Farm Animals and 10 year old girls being more important than homosexuals, I call "Shenanigans, California!" And if you're not sure what that means, let me simplify: Bullsh*t! How much medical marijuana have you smoked that you would rather give animals (that you're bound to eat when you have the munchies, mind you) more rights than human beings, whether they be gay or unborn!? I would say "this is what's wrong with our country" but that would make me an idiot. I have no idea why the majority voted the way they did, but am glad to see that at least MOST of us agreed that it's about time we had someone willing to stand up for change, fight against "The Man", and most importantly, make Diddy feel like he WON the Civil Rights Battle to end all Civil Rights Battles (love you, Diddy...Making the Band 5? I'm SO there!)

I have but two things to say to our new President.

1) PLEASE bring the troops out of Iraq...we've DEFINITELY overstayed our welcome


2) Legalize it.

(and just so you know, I've enjoyed my rant so much, I'm stealing it and making it a blog of my own haha)

Wobbly Librarian said...

ditto and ditto.

We think too much alike.