Friday, October 3, 2008

Blonde or Blond?

Oh, I thought of something random and stupid to blog about! How do YOU spell the word "blonde" or "blond" as in the hair color? See, I always thought it was "blonde" but spell check tells me I'm stupid every time I spell it that way so I thought, "fine! you want it your way, I'll spell it your way!" So I started spelling it "blond." Then I'm chatting with a friend online, I spell it spell check's way and they correct me. So, how do you spell it?! Is there a right or wrong? Is this one of those "English" spellings vs. "American" spellings? Maybe "blond" means something totally different than "blonde" who knows?! I don't prefer to look stupid though, so if someone with a freaking English degree could throw me a bone I'd totally appreciate it!

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Christina Ellis said...

Either spelling is acceptable, but if you go back to the French roots of the word it explains why there's two spellings. In French, "blond" describes a man, group of men or a group of mixed company, "blonde" is used to describe a woman or group of women.

So basically, if you're talking about a female, it ok to say "Jane is the blonde/blond girl playing piano." Further, it would be ok to say "Jack is the blond man with the guitar." But it would not be ok to say "Jack is the blonde man with the guitar."

That's why spell check will say that it's spelled "blond" because that's the spelling that's acceptable for both genders, but it's ok to use "blonde" as long as you're talking about a female, spell check just doesn't know how to differentiate the two genders.

Hope that makes it all clear!