Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Pre Birthday

So I did the whole quickie run down on my actual birthday but I celebrated all day on Sunday too. I went to Brian's in the morning. He made me breakfast - an omelette and toast and some yummy iced coffee. I've never made myself iced coffee before, actually the only person who has ever made me iced coffee was an employee at Starbucks, until now, so that was cool! Then we watched a movie, hung out and relaxed. Then for dinner he took me to Logan's Roadhouse, mmmm sweet tea, salted peanuts (shells go on the floor :D), fresh baked bread and tons of butter, steak, smothered mashed potatoes, veggies... and then me hiding behind him while they made a ton of noise for my birthday and delivered ice cream for the occasion. I never realized how horrifying that can be, but it was fun.
Then we headed over to Victoria Gardens. We wandered through Borders looking at books, magazines, movies, calendars (Some of them with very interesting daily phrases! For example, at a price of around ten bucks you can have a calendar with quotes like "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"), and well, a little bit of everything. After Borders we wandered Victoria Gardens and talked. Then we stopped a Cheesecake factory for a slice to go.
For my birthday Brian bought me a new lunch box. Now, this might seem a little funny to most of you but, he knows that I've been "borrowing" Ella's lunch bag from her backpack set to take my lunch to work every day because I didn't have my own lunch box. Not only did he get me something totally useful but it's super cute too. In fact it's so cute that it was the talk of the office yesterday. People were all asking aroung to find out who's cool lunch box was in the fridge. I'd post pictures but... I'm feeling lazy so I'll do it another time. I can stop borrowing Ella's now that I have my own. He also got me Les Miserables the movie and some super cute pens.
After our Victoria Gardens excursion we watched Les Mis and ate cheesecake, yummy! It was the perfect birthday before my birthday!

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