Saturday, September 20, 2008

Middle of the night fun...

Two nights in a row now I've been awakened by Sophia who, most nights, sleeps in my bed. The night before last she woke me up and says with her whiniest sleepy voice "mommy why is my face so sticky?!" I know there must me something at least somewhat askew because she didn't go to sleep with a sticky face. I blink until my eyes start working and the scene comes into relative focus - you know for a dimly lit bedroom in the middle of the night. I realize that her face, and MY pillow are COVERED in blood! Ugh! So, because I'm in desperate need of every minute of sleep I can get, I toss the bloody pillow on the floor and give her some tissue and we fall back to sleep. In the morning it took a good ten minutes of work in the shower to get all that blood off and reveal her pretty face. The one good thing was that at least the mess was confined to one pillow and her face.
Last night however... She literally bled everywhere. I haven't checked the carpet thoroughly yet but it wouldn't surprise me if I found some spots. She managed to bleed on my side of the bed, her side of the bed, the middle of the bed, the blanket on top of the bed, the sheet in about a dozen places, I mean EVERYWHERE! Plus the bleed wouldn't stop. (which, in my awake mind, is probably why she managed to bleed in so many places!) I had to pinch her nose with tissue to keep it from bleeding. We both fell asleep like that. Oh, and the superhero mommy I am, I covered the bed in towels (red ones thank you) and we went back to sleep. I'm off to bleach my sheets now. Happy Saturday to me!

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