Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How's this for stupid?

I'm driving home, my car full of kids because, well, I have a lot of them but anyway... So I turn on the residential street that I take into my neighborhood and there is a car in front of me. He slows way down and pulls to the right, as if to park, so I continue on past him. Then he makes a hard left right in front of me and tries to make a u-turn. No blinker. No brain? I don't know but I slam on my breaks, he pulls into a driveway, and I miss hitting him by MAYBE an inch! Then he looks at me like "what the H&!!'S your problem lady?!?!?!" Um, my problem, dear sir, is that YOU are an IDIOT! I back up and make sure I didn't actually hit him because the thud my car made when it came to that sudden stop left me slightly unsure. Not to mention the fact that from where I sat it sure LOOKED like I was in contact with his car - though my head told me that if I had in fact made contact the impact would have been at least a little more jarring. I back up, pull around and continue on my way, in my rearview mirror I see him pull up to the curb and park in the location he must have been aiming for when he made the moronic u-turn in front of me. I drove home shaking and answering the kids questions about why he/I did that etc.
So, how's that for stupid?

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