Sunday, September 21, 2008

No excitement last night!

Thank goodness! I slept through the whole night without a single bloody nose or hacking cough waking me up - mine or the kids! I basically spent all day yesterday cleaning. Now my house looks like it needs to be cleaned... as opposed to looking like it had been hit by hurricane Ike! Oh, and don't even get me started on my van! Three trash bags, a full basket of dirty clothes, a basket of toys, and an insane amount of shoes later I wouldn't die of embarrassment if you saw the inside of my vehicle! It could, however, still use a good washing. Oh, and I did at least four loads of laundry. Well to say they are done might not be exactly correct because they aren't all folded or put away but they are clean! I could go try to "finish" the job but frankly the job will never be done and it's my Sabbath. I'm taking the day off!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Middle of the night fun...

Two nights in a row now I've been awakened by Sophia who, most nights, sleeps in my bed. The night before last she woke me up and says with her whiniest sleepy voice "mommy why is my face so sticky?!" I know there must me something at least somewhat askew because she didn't go to sleep with a sticky face. I blink until my eyes start working and the scene comes into relative focus - you know for a dimly lit bedroom in the middle of the night. I realize that her face, and MY pillow are COVERED in blood! Ugh! So, because I'm in desperate need of every minute of sleep I can get, I toss the bloody pillow on the floor and give her some tissue and we fall back to sleep. In the morning it took a good ten minutes of work in the shower to get all that blood off and reveal her pretty face. The one good thing was that at least the mess was confined to one pillow and her face.
Last night however... She literally bled everywhere. I haven't checked the carpet thoroughly yet but it wouldn't surprise me if I found some spots. She managed to bleed on my side of the bed, her side of the bed, the middle of the bed, the blanket on top of the bed, the sheet in about a dozen places, I mean EVERYWHERE! Plus the bleed wouldn't stop. (which, in my awake mind, is probably why she managed to bleed in so many places!) I had to pinch her nose with tissue to keep it from bleeding. We both fell asleep like that. Oh, and the superhero mommy I am, I covered the bed in towels (red ones thank you) and we went back to sleep. I'm off to bleach my sheets now. Happy Saturday to me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

why does it feel like 2 a.m.?

It's only 8:45 or so but I swear it feels like the middle of the night. I've been sick - love how kids so generously share the one thing you wish they'd keep to themselves - anyway, I guess I'm waking up partly because of the hacking and congestion. Whatever the reason it's annoying to wake up four times a night when I have to get up for work at 6:30 in the morning! Plus I'm in perpetual need of a nap! I'm beat!

In other news, today I found out that my work only pays for junior college - not the next two years... which is AWESOME... since I already have my associates. So much for that. I think I might get some loans and finish anyway because I really want to be able to move up in a career.

Another thing I found out is that somehow the firm administrator has decided that the office clerk and I are salaried and exempt. In other words she won't pay overtime. She says that "it all works out in the end" because if I have to go to the doctor or something she won't deduct it from my pay so it's a wash.

Except that I'm not as dumb as I may appear and the way I'm looking at it I don't think it ever comes out even for me. First of all my start time is 8:15 a.m. but she wants me there to sign in, turn on lights, check voicemail, turn on the computer, start coffee, and switch the phones off night service and I have to do all of that before my start time so that I can be at my desk ready to answer my phone by 8:15. Basically I need to be there ten minutes early every day. Then there's the fact that I have to be back from lunch by 2 p.m. every day. That sounds easy except that my lunch depends on someone being there to cover my desk so that I can leave. I'm supposed to get an hour but if my desk isn't covered until 1:15 p.m. then I have to shorten my lunch or risk getting in trouble for not being back by 2.

Basically on a daily basis I work an extra 20 minutes. That's just the regular stuff, never mind that there are special circumstances that she wants me to come in almost an hour early to prepare for depositions that get put on calendar for a time before the office is even open. I realize that the regular twenty minutes a day over eight hours isn't much, and I wouldn't really care except that she keeps telling me it will "all balance out" and that I'm "salary" - which in her vocabulary means exempt from overtime. By my calculations just at straight time (not time and a half which it should be since it's over 40 hours per week) I will work an extra 6 hours and 40 minutes a month. Over the course of a year that's easily ten extra days of work. I'm absolutely certain she's not planning on giving me an extra two weeks of vacation (or sick time) every year to compensate.

But alas, I cannot complain. At least not to anyone who can do anything about it... seeing as complaining to the powers that be could cost me the job altogether.

Monday, September 15, 2008

In my middle of the night stupor... I forgot

To mention that the sick one was Sophia. That was her coughing, puking and dancing in the shower at 3 in the morning. She slept better the next night though I don't know how she'll do tonight because she is at her dad's house. Anyway, I figured I'd enlighten those of you who read that post and thought... HUH?! All 4 of you :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A few pics of the house - under construction

I took these two pictures with my camera phone on my birthday on Monday and even by Friday there was more done but these are pretty amazing to me!

I took this one standing where the garage connects to my parents bathroom/closet area at the end of the house... at the opposite end (at the far end of that runway of flooring) is my bedroom... :) In between there will be my parents bedroom, living room, kitchen, the laundry room and a bathroom, my kitchen and great room, the guest room, Isaiah's room, the GIANT sized girls room, and then my room. I guess in the picture it doesn't look that big but... it's HUGE!

This picture was taken from what will be my living room, right in front of what will be my fireplace, looking towards the three car garage - even more of the garage is framed now!

up all night.

Cough medicine, she's still coughing. Inhaler, she's STILL coughing. A little puking from coughing... some more puking from coughing... warm shower, she's still coughing... but at least she stopped puking. She's dancing in the shower. It's 3:08 am.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Pre Birthday

So I did the whole quickie run down on my actual birthday but I celebrated all day on Sunday too. I went to Brian's in the morning. He made me breakfast - an omelette and toast and some yummy iced coffee. I've never made myself iced coffee before, actually the only person who has ever made me iced coffee was an employee at Starbucks, until now, so that was cool! Then we watched a movie, hung out and relaxed. Then for dinner he took me to Logan's Roadhouse, mmmm sweet tea, salted peanuts (shells go on the floor :D), fresh baked bread and tons of butter, steak, smothered mashed potatoes, veggies... and then me hiding behind him while they made a ton of noise for my birthday and delivered ice cream for the occasion. I never realized how horrifying that can be, but it was fun.
Then we headed over to Victoria Gardens. We wandered through Borders looking at books, magazines, movies, calendars (Some of them with very interesting daily phrases! For example, at a price of around ten bucks you can have a calendar with quotes like "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"), and well, a little bit of everything. After Borders we wandered Victoria Gardens and talked. Then we stopped a Cheesecake factory for a slice to go.
For my birthday Brian bought me a new lunch box. Now, this might seem a little funny to most of you but, he knows that I've been "borrowing" Ella's lunch bag from her backpack set to take my lunch to work every day because I didn't have my own lunch box. Not only did he get me something totally useful but it's super cute too. In fact it's so cute that it was the talk of the office yesterday. People were all asking aroung to find out who's cool lunch box was in the fridge. I'd post pictures but... I'm feeling lazy so I'll do it another time. I can stop borrowing Ella's now that I have my own. He also got me Les Miserables the movie and some super cute pens.
After our Victoria Gardens excursion we watched Les Mis and ate cheesecake, yummy! It was the perfect birthday before my birthday!

My Birthday Run Down:

Woke up early for work.
Not enough sleep because I stayed up late watching Les Miserables with Brian for my birthday the night before.
Get ready and leave for work.
My car seatbelt (which is one of those old school automatic ones) is broken - fortunately it's in the seatbelt "on" position, but the motor decides to run the entire time I'm driving today.
I stop for gas.
I realize my atm card is missing.
I have lost my atm card for the first time in my entire life. UGH!
Drive to work on "E" trying to figure out how I'm going to score access to my money so I can get home.
Realize that I'm pretty sure Taco Bell has my atm card.
Call Taco Bell about 20 times.
My drive to work takes me an extra ten minutes so I get to work two minutes late.
Get a very cool card on my desk at work signed by everyone I work with, and my little buddy Evan who left the firm a week ago.
Get thru to Taco Bell and locate my atm card, SIGH of relief!
Go to the trailer at the property to see my kids.
The garage is framed - holy cow this is cool!!!
They give me the coolest gifts ever!
A bracelet they picked out.
A Burts Bees lip stick.
A new nail polish color (I'm obsessed with polish)
And the BEST thing of all - a scrapbook they all put together of their trip to Riley's Farm with The Grove homeschool group. I missed it on account of my working mom status and that had been a rough day so this was a really awesome gift! I almost cried.
Then we went to dinner at Portillos - never been there before - it was good and very cool. Fast food, but not really fast food.
Cupcakes for birthday cake.
Dad screws my seatbelt down so the stupid motor will stop running - this might actually be the best thing he could have given me for my birthday - a little sanity!
Drove towards home.
Drove thru Taco Bell and picked up my atm card.
Got home with four sleeping kids.
I'm 32.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

oooh, ooooh, guess what?

The tooth fairy remembered to come! See, what had happened was... just kidding. I fell asleep at probably 9:15 the night she lost her tooth out of sheer exhaustion! I couldn't keep my eyes open a second longer. Lucky for me Brian gets out of class at ten and he routinely calls me then to chat. It's a good time for me to talk usually because I have a house full of sleeping kids and it's quiet. I'm almost never asleep at ten. When he called it woke me up and I realized it was a good thing he did because I had forgotten to... um... show the tooth fairy where Abby sleeps. Anyway that got handled and the only problem I faced after that was the wake up call at around 3 am. Abby had found her loot - $3. She promptly brought it to my room, proclaiming her good fortune, and climbed into bed with me. Then she woke up screaming every 20 minutes for the rest of the night because her "money was LOST!!!!!" I got no sleep. I hate the tooth fairy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Abby lost her first tooth!

Sorry she looks bug eye-d but she was SUPER excited about that tooth being gone finally! It has caused her nagging pain for days at least. Tonight she says "Mom, will you pull my tooth?" So I said "Sure!" Well, in my experience that request is followed swiftly by a "No, don't do it, it's gonna hurt." Complete with a locked jaw. Not Abby! She opened right up and it came out with basically no effort at all. Yeah Abby!

As a side note the tooth fairy has a terrible time remembering to arrive at our house on lost tooth nights. She usually makes it within a day or two. She is far worse since there has only been one parent in this house. I can't for the life of me figure out why.

What's a tooth fairy to do when a tooth comes out right at bedtime and there is no time to run to the store for cash? Luckily, I have a small stash in my purse she can borrow - that is IF she remembers to stop here tonight!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How's this for stupid?

I'm driving home, my car full of kids because, well, I have a lot of them but anyway... So I turn on the residential street that I take into my neighborhood and there is a car in front of me. He slows way down and pulls to the right, as if to park, so I continue on past him. Then he makes a hard left right in front of me and tries to make a u-turn. No blinker. No brain? I don't know but I slam on my breaks, he pulls into a driveway, and I miss hitting him by MAYBE an inch! Then he looks at me like "what the H&!!'S your problem lady?!?!?!" Um, my problem, dear sir, is that YOU are an IDIOT! I back up and make sure I didn't actually hit him because the thud my car made when it came to that sudden stop left me slightly unsure. Not to mention the fact that from where I sat it sure LOOKED like I was in contact with his car - though my head told me that if I had in fact made contact the impact would have been at least a little more jarring. I back up, pull around and continue on my way, in my rearview mirror I see him pull up to the curb and park in the location he must have been aiming for when he made the moronic u-turn in front of me. I drove home shaking and answering the kids questions about why he/I did that etc.
So, how's that for stupid?