Saturday, August 9, 2008

I think I know how this thing works...

I got caught in a swirl of drama at work because... something dreadful happened... the postage meter ran out - or at least ran low enough that we couldn't finish processing the mail. This really is a pretty major problem. It's also one that the person in my position is supposed to have prevented. Never mind that the prevention should have started about the day I did and I wasn't really up on all the requirements of the job on that day. Anyhow, I managed to figure it out and correct course before the world exploded... which is to say I made a phone call and got the nice folks who make our meter to tell me how to load money onto it.
I think though I learned another, probably even more important, lesson. In my job, the MOST critical task I face is to anticipate EVERY problem and avert the crisis BEFORE the office administrator is aware it existed. In short... I'm going to learn to read minds and run interference. Did you know how much I love that kind of thing?
On the personal side of things the people I work with are all very nice. I think my favorite part of the job so far though is that I've been told at least twenty times that I have an amazing phone voice and perfect diction. Yeah me!!! Wait, that's not my favorite part of the job, I lied. If I'm being completely honest I'd probably admit that my favorite part of the job is be the real life paycheck - as opposed to that thing I used to get from the diner that was masquerading as a paycheck.
I paid off two debts on Thursday night. I'm on a mission. I'm getting OUT of debt!

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