Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Family night... is this better?

Tonight I'm working on creating a slightly more impressive "family night." So instead of a drive thru Taco Bell and Mary Poppins... We did Pizza. The kids have been BEGGING to stay up late to watch the newest episode of "Clean House: The Messiest Home in America." So I figured, what's a movie (or a much anticipated TV show) without popcorn? I picked up popcorn and then had a great idea! S'mores! Now I pretty much think that s'mores are the greatest delicacy of summer. Never mind that the best way to make them is to roast the marshmallows over an open fire pit at the beach. I settled for roasting them over an open flame on my range top. In any event they were a hit. Now we're waiting on our show to start and probably some popcorn too. Only downside as I can see it is that I think the kids are taking this clean house thing as a challenge to make ours the messiest home in America.


Shanda said...

I am always excited to see other single moms rocking out the family nights. We love roasting the marshmallows over the stove too.

Widney Woman said...

You are a single mom and you do family night with your kids? You rock!! And deserve a medal. Or one of those mugs that say: "World's Best Mom"