Monday, July 28, 2008

Day One...

Of my new REAL job - I'm LOVING life!!! I'm looking forward to mastering the basics so that I can start learning more than they require of me. I found out that they will pay for me to go to school if I want to take courses that relate to the job. Oh, and not just for the classes but the books too!
There are a lot of little details to learn. For instance, one person does not get voicemail - ever! So I have to remember to take written messages for them. Several others get all their calls screened but others I can just transfer directly. There is some very specific language they want me to use that isn't necessarily first nature but I'll get that down soon I'm sure. That kind of thing I had to do at the diner so it's really not any different here - just a different script.
I learned how to process the mail, and log medical records... there is a lot involved with that but it will be second nature in about a half a second - I got it all done myself today (while they trained me) even though it was my first day. I know there is a lot more to learn but I'm not worried about it at all now... just super excited!