Friday, June 20, 2008

Life Lessons?

Gotta love when one of the kids asks "hey mom, when was the last time 'we' did laundry? 'Cuz I don't have any socks!" Well... yeah it's time I know... I need to get some laundry done. Which makes me wonder if it isn't time to start teaching the kids to do laundry soon. What age is the right age to teach a kid to do laundry? I think I started doing at least some of my own laundry by about the fifth grade. I did most of it in junior high and by high school my mom wasn't touching my laundry except to make fun of the "hair scrunchies" that I called underwear. School is out for summer - maybe it's time for some life lessons?!

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dadshouse said...

I'm a single dad who works from home, so laundry is easy for me. But when I worked a corporate gig, it was a nightmare trying to fit it in! So I know how you feel.

I do my 16 year old daughter's laundry. She is respectful enough to ask me ahead of time when something dirty needs to be cleaned, and she doesn't freak when the things she wants is still in the hamper.

She knows she'll need to learn before she goes to college. Until then, I'm happy to help out.