Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scandia, friends, family and the new house

A friend of mine had the hook up for a free day at Scandia. When I say free I mean - the kids and I came with her and about a dozen other of her friends and I didn't pay a single dime for anything, not even food. The day was sponsored by one of my friends work contacts for several hundred people. In addition to everything being free Abby won 50 tokens in a raffle and I won 2 all access passes to go back. It was the first "big" thing the kids and I have gotten to do in a really long time. They all had a blast and the price couldn't have been better!
It may not be Disneyland but it was awesome.
Then the kids and I went up to the property where we are building our new house. The foundation has been poured and my parents were hosting a party on the garage slab. The air show at March was today and some friends and family came out to see it. Well, we missed the air show but it was great to see everyone. I walked through the "construction zone" and got a feel for how enormous the house is going to be! WOW! I'm excited!

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