Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

was rough!!! First of all I woke up to my alarm which is not my usual thing. Then I started getting ready for work. I had to wake up the kids and make them get dressed. Then their dad picked them up. I cried. While I finished getting ready for work, then in the car on the way to work, I was crying. Not just tears but that annoying, breathing hard kind of cry. I managed to pull myself together in the car and go inside. So I'm hanging in there and a girl I work with asks what I'm doing with my kids for mothers day. I tell her that I'm not doing anything and that I'd rather not talk about it. I try not to be rude but honestly I feel the tears coming on again and I know I can't discuss it without bawling. Instead of dropping it though she goes on... "what did they get you?" "didn't you do anything? You must be doing SOMETHING" blah, blah, blah... and I run to the bathroom to pull myself together, again.
So I was pretty much ok after that with a couple of quick exceptions but I had a killer headache all day.


Single Mom Seeking said...

Happy Belated to a Super Mom!!

You know that I would have handed you a huge bouquet of wildflowers.

Jonathan Murtaugh said...

Being a fellow divorcee, I feel your pain. You don't have your in-home partner to remind your kids to do special things on those kinds of days. If it's any comfort, my kids (who adore their mom) would have totally forgotten too, if I hadn't forced them to sit down and make cards. Even though we're divorced, I still try to do that, because, well, they're kids and they don't think of that stuff. Anyway, unless your blog is total b.s. =) you're a super duper mom.

Elissa said...

Thanks! I think it just reconfirms that I am doing the right thing when I buy gifts and a card for him from "them" for all the important holidays. Honestly it's stuff like that they will look back on and know it was out of love for them that I did it... cuz Lord knows I don't really enjoy buying gifts and cards for him any more than I like sending him to Vegas on vacation!!!