Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little bit of cancer...

oh and, once again, my brother says "if he's gonna get cancer this is the best kind to get." To which I say, what the hell kind of cancer is a good kind to get? Literally, I said that to my mom, and then made her repeat it for my brother... that was pretty funny to tell you the truth - I'm just sayin'! Anyway, my dad has "a little bit" of cancer in some skin they removed from his back. Apparently having cancer two years ago wasn't enough. He has to show us he's all cool and stuff by growing a little cancer on his back too. Ok, dad we get it... you are amazing... fantastic really... you can stop with the cancer now. No, I mean it, knock it off! Geez!
Back when my dad had cancer a few years ago one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer within a day or so of my dad's diagnosis. Ironically she called yesterday to tell me her grandfather was recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer and that he is in hospice, dying. A few hours later I called her back with the news about my dad. So she says "yeah, you know you just have to one up me right? I get cancer, your dad gets cancer... my grandpa gets cancer, your dad gets cancer." I love her! I needed a good laugh!

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