Friday, May 2, 2008

Last night at work

Two women came in. I welcomed them to the Diner and asked how many were in their party. They said six. So I went to take them to a table but then one of the ladies said "not every one is here yet we're gonna wait for them." It wasn't a typical kind of request but whatever. So they start looking at the candy displays that we have in the waiting area and the lady comes to the register with a few candies. She says she wants to buy them so I ring her up. The total was $2.55 and she hands me a hundred dollar bill. I mark it like I'm supposed to and the lady says "yeah right 'cuz I made it myself this morning." I tell her that I have to mark every hundred so I'm just following protocol. I pull out all the bills to make change for her hundred and she says "oh, wait - I just realized I have a $5 - here take it out of this instead." So I put away all the money I had just pulled and take her $100 from under the drawer. I hand her the hundred and take the $5. I calculate in my head that her change is $2.45 out of the five and start to put that together when she says "that ain't right" and points to the counter. I look on the counter and there is a $10 dollar bill. Confused I said "What's not right?" and she says "THAT! I gave you a hundred and that's what you gave me back!" I said "no maam I gave you a hundred back." Now the managers happened to have just emptied the registers of large bills so hers was the only one that would have been in the drawer so as I responded to her I confirmed that there was not a hundred still in the drawer. Anyway she throws the candy at me, asks for her $5 back and stomps out of the store... in such a hurry that she leaves her cell phone on the counter. Her friend came back a few minutes later to retrieve it. In the meantime I got a high five from one of the managers for not screwing it up. The whole time I'm thinking "Who does that?" people are crazy!

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.escamilla. said...

in my not so glorious days...i've actually had friends who would do this.