Monday, May 5, 2008

Imaginary friends...

This is super random - but when have I ever stuck to making sense? Anyway I realized today that my kids have an interesting quirk. Shortly after we moved to Rialto in 2002Isaiah started talking about Jimmy. I realized Jimmy was an imaginary friend but still I would ask Isaiah questions about "Jimmy." I asked how old Jimmy was, he's 8. What color hair does Jimmy have? Red. Jimmy would "come with us" on car rides and Isaiah would tell us where he was sitting in the car. At one point I said that Jimmy shouldn't ride on the floor because it isn't safe. I suggested maybe we should put him in a seatbelt. Isaiah's response was "Mom, Jimmy doesn't need a seatbelt. He's already dead." Ok so that's kind of freaky but I decided to ask the follow up question... "Really, what did Jimmy die from?" Isaiah said "He died because he couldn't breath." Mind you at the time Isaiah was only four. Well now all my girls talk about their friend Jimmy too. Does anyone else have kids who's imaginary friends are dead children or are my kids just especially morbid? Did they pass their friend on to their younger siblings?

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