Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm watching TV

I'm sure that doesn't sound like some big revelation but it is. I haven't watched television in months... in fact probably close to a year. Sure I've seen TV when my parents have been here and they've been watching - or every once in a while at someone else's house but I haven't had the TV on for myself in forever. In fact this has been the first year I've missed entire seasons of Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, Big Brother... all the reality TV I used to love.
This viewing marathon started because my dad left the TV on when my parents left the house tonight. On a whim I started flipping channels. I ended up on National Geographic. I watched Prison Nation... then some show came on about the "Chupacabra" and now the "Loch Ness Monster." I actually watched Prison Nation... the next two shows have just been background noise. Seriously they are so irritating I am reminded why I don't watch tv.
The only show I haven't given up is LOST because, really, it's the best show on television. Thought to be honest I don't watch it on TV anyway so I guess it doesn't really count. Gotta love having the ability to watch it online!
The funny thing about it is that I never realized how much commercials are a part of our culture until I hadn't seen one in nearly a year. People make references to them and I am completely in the dark! Oh, and then there's the fact that I haven't seen an ad for a single movie so I have absolutely no idea what is out, has come out, or will come out soon. Anybody have a movie to recommend - I'm sure I haven't heard anything about it!

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