Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dinner tonight

I decided to drive thru El Pollo Loco for dinner with the kids tonight. I figured it would be cheap and quick both of which are fine attributes for dinner when four kids are hungry and I TOTALLY don't feel like cooking anything in this heat! We drive thru and I order a bunch of chicken tacos for $1 each. Oh, and I added in flan and a drink for me... the kids call it "mommy stuff" any time I get junk that I don't let them eat/drink but I digress... I ordered the taco's with no onions. Doesn't seem like that should be too big of a problem since they assemble them when you order, but I get the "go ahead and park, we'll bring it out to you" speach. So I park. And I sit. I wait. I wait some more. After ten minutes of waiting, for what seems like a fairly simple order, I call the store from the car using the number on the receipt. They tell me they'll bring it right out. So five minutes later a woman appears - with no food - to tell me that they made the taco's with onions so they are remaking them. To thank me for my patience they are giving me the TEN extra tacos they made wrong, four free flan, and two free drinks. So by the time I leave I have waited over twenty minutes but I have 20 tacos, 5 flan and 3 large drinks... seems to me like this isn't really good business for them. Isaiah said we should go back all the time. After all... getting more than you ordered by two or three times is a pretty good bargain!

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