Thursday, May 8, 2008

A day at the dentist...

The older three kids had dentist appointments today. I'm always worried they will revoke my mother of the year award and replace it with useless mom shackles because I've failed at making sure my kids brushing is perfect every day. I'm even more worried about the possibility of another baby root canal or a tooth breaking off and needing to be pulled because it got so infected. The latter wasn't my fault I swear! It was caused by a tooth that randomly broke off and decayed to the point it needed to be pulled all within a month of seeing the dentist. Anyway they all got through their appointments. Only one had any cavities. There were two but they were little. She was also the only one who needs to work on her brushing... whew! Oh, and she's the same kid who had that tooth pulled AND the baby root canal so maybe she just got the crappy teeth gene from somewhere.
It was also my day to run into friends at the dentist. I pretty much only see Jess in passing at church or every time I go to the dentist. We can't quite figure out how we are always at the dentist at the same time because one of us is usually there for a cleaning and the other is not. In any event it was especially good to see her today because today I sat at the dentist for over an hour with my ex, which isn't really my idea of a fun time. We're civil and all but seriously - I don't want to chill with him for an hour in a setting like that on any kind of regular basis!
After the appointment the kids went with their dad and I went to Panera for a spinach and egg souffle... and a little blogging :)

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