Saturday, May 10, 2008

Culture and AAA

Tonight Brian took me to the Norton Simon Museum. He was really excited to see the three Rembrandt paintings. When we got to the museum and got out of the car I lock the doors with the automatic lock button from the passenger side without even thinking about it. I walk to the driver side and see Brian checking his pockets. I watch his face as he realizes he has left the keys in the car... that I just locked. Oops! We figured we might as well go into the museum and call AAA when we are done to let us back into the car. So we head in. He pays the admission and we head straight for the room with the Rembrandt's. Well, we head there only to find out that the room containing all three of the museums Rembrandt paintings is closed to the public. We walk the rest of the museum and look at everything else. My favorite painting was Vincent van Gogh's Mulberry Tree, mostly because the texture was so cool. There were also a few paintings that had such lifelike eyes they were almost disturbingly realistic!
So we finished at the museum, called AAA, and head out to the car. The locksmith people were there in under 15 minutes and we were headed to our next stop... Roscoe's in Hollywood.
Have you ever had chicken and waffles? I thought it sounded disgusting but I was wrong! I also tried greens for the first time. They weren't nearly as good as the waffles or the chicken but I would eat them again.
Honestly it was fun to have things go "wrong" tonight. When the keys got locked in the car he didn't flinch. When we found out that the one room containing all the art he really wanted to see was closed he was a little bummed for about 30 seconds but none of it put a damper on a great night. I think it's good to see how someone reacts when things don't go as planned. It might seem like a small thing but for me it was HUGE. I was so excited that the inconveniences didn't make him irritable, in fact he laughed about them.

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