Friday, May 30, 2008

I'd been thinking for a while about...

having the girls donate their hair to Locks of Love. I had mentioned it to the girls and they were kind of hesitant I think because they didn't really have any concept of what would look like for them to do it. Then Whittaker Woman posted pics on her blog of her girls "before" and "after" they donated their hair to Locks of Love. Well since Whittaker Woman's girls are in her hubby's "Throwin Rocks at ya Boo Daddy" videos my girls think they are celebrities. That, combined with the fact that their "after" hair do's are SO cute, convinced my girls that they really wanted to give their hair away. So I made the appointment. I mentioned it to their dad and he gave me what I thought was mock resistance to the idea but since we'd cut their hair short before I didn't think he was serious.
Today was the day. We got their hair done and they were beaming! Both of the girls love their new hair. Then after Ella's was done she says "Dad's gonna yell at me! He's gonna be SOOOO mad!" Well I texted him a picture and said that the girls really liked their new hair but that Ella was afraid he was going to yell at her so to be nice about it. Well he responded that we needed to "talk" about my "decision to cut their hair!" UGH! Are you kidding me? We have to disagree about something THAT petty? Especially when it was a sweet and giving gesture for the girls to donate their hair!
Oh, and Isaiah got his hair done too - for good measure, though he didn't donate any of his!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Working on... working?

Today I gave up my shift at work to go apply for a serving position at a restaurant that will be opening in July. That turned out to be a bust. I know almost nothing about liquor and well, the opening role play of the interview was liquor related. So I crashed and burned. I've spent the rest of the day trying to redeem the lost opportunity. I requested testing for two jobs with Riverside County and applied for three more jobs I found on Monster. We'll see.
Anyway I'm ready for a grown up job... like yesterday! First I'd like to be doing something fulfilling - with a bent toward public service... oh and something over minimum wage would be fantastic! Anyone know of a job opening?

I'm watching TV

I'm sure that doesn't sound like some big revelation but it is. I haven't watched television in months... in fact probably close to a year. Sure I've seen TV when my parents have been here and they've been watching - or every once in a while at someone else's house but I haven't had the TV on for myself in forever. In fact this has been the first year I've missed entire seasons of Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, Big Brother... all the reality TV I used to love.
This viewing marathon started because my dad left the TV on when my parents left the house tonight. On a whim I started flipping channels. I ended up on National Geographic. I watched Prison Nation... then some show came on about the "Chupacabra" and now the "Loch Ness Monster." I actually watched Prison Nation... the next two shows have just been background noise. Seriously they are so irritating I am reminded why I don't watch tv.
The only show I haven't given up is LOST because, really, it's the best show on television. Thought to be honest I don't watch it on TV anyway so I guess it doesn't really count. Gotta love having the ability to watch it online!
The funny thing about it is that I never realized how much commercials are a part of our culture until I hadn't seen one in nearly a year. People make references to them and I am completely in the dark! Oh, and then there's the fact that I haven't seen an ad for a single movie so I have absolutely no idea what is out, has come out, or will come out soon. Anybody have a movie to recommend - I'm sure I haven't heard anything about it!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I LOVE them! Winco has them on sale for $0.68. I ate one for lunch. YUM! That's all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who knew I was moving to Kansas...

Well technically it's Perris and it's practically on the border of Riverside but that's not even the point. I just got a call saying that there is a Tornado warning in the area near March Air base... which I can see from my property! Crazy isn't it... I didn't realize that we could experience a little bit of Kansas right here in So. Cal!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

funny but I just realized...

That I sleep in the exact same position as Sophia. Is sleep position a genetic factor? Who knew. Well, I'm not posting a pic of myself sleeping but she's so much cuter anyway!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Vegas Vacation...

Not for me. My ex spent this weekend in Vegas. He went to the Academy of Country Music Awards. I think it is incredibly generous of me to send him to Vegas for such a cool vacation with some of the child support dollars he still owes me! How many of you would send your ex on vacation? Ok, fine you're right... given a choice I wouldn't have either.

what do you do with four kids when it 7000 degrees outside at 9 am?

Well I'm pretty sure mine are terrorizing their bedrooms. I hear them talking about making "obstacle courses" and I'm fairly convinced that means they are rearranging furniture. I haven't gone to check yet but I have a feeling I should take my camera with me.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dinner tonight

I decided to drive thru El Pollo Loco for dinner with the kids tonight. I figured it would be cheap and quick both of which are fine attributes for dinner when four kids are hungry and I TOTALLY don't feel like cooking anything in this heat! We drive thru and I order a bunch of chicken tacos for $1 each. Oh, and I added in flan and a drink for me... the kids call it "mommy stuff" any time I get junk that I don't let them eat/drink but I digress... I ordered the taco's with no onions. Doesn't seem like that should be too big of a problem since they assemble them when you order, but I get the "go ahead and park, we'll bring it out to you" speach. So I park. And I sit. I wait. I wait some more. After ten minutes of waiting, for what seems like a fairly simple order, I call the store from the car using the number on the receipt. They tell me they'll bring it right out. So five minutes later a woman appears - with no food - to tell me that they made the taco's with onions so they are remaking them. To thank me for my patience they are giving me the TEN extra tacos they made wrong, four free flan, and two free drinks. So by the time I leave I have waited over twenty minutes but I have 20 tacos, 5 flan and 3 large drinks... seems to me like this isn't really good business for them. Isaiah said we should go back all the time. After all... getting more than you ordered by two or three times is a pretty good bargain!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

was rough!!! First of all I woke up to my alarm which is not my usual thing. Then I started getting ready for work. I had to wake up the kids and make them get dressed. Then their dad picked them up. I cried. While I finished getting ready for work, then in the car on the way to work, I was crying. Not just tears but that annoying, breathing hard kind of cry. I managed to pull myself together in the car and go inside. So I'm hanging in there and a girl I work with asks what I'm doing with my kids for mothers day. I tell her that I'm not doing anything and that I'd rather not talk about it. I try not to be rude but honestly I feel the tears coming on again and I know I can't discuss it without bawling. Instead of dropping it though she goes on... "what did they get you?" "didn't you do anything? You must be doing SOMETHING" blah, blah, blah... and I run to the bathroom to pull myself together, again.
So I was pretty much ok after that with a couple of quick exceptions but I had a killer headache all day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Culture and AAA

Tonight Brian took me to the Norton Simon Museum. He was really excited to see the three Rembrandt paintings. When we got to the museum and got out of the car I lock the doors with the automatic lock button from the passenger side without even thinking about it. I walk to the driver side and see Brian checking his pockets. I watch his face as he realizes he has left the keys in the car... that I just locked. Oops! We figured we might as well go into the museum and call AAA when we are done to let us back into the car. So we head in. He pays the admission and we head straight for the room with the Rembrandt's. Well, we head there only to find out that the room containing all three of the museums Rembrandt paintings is closed to the public. We walk the rest of the museum and look at everything else. My favorite painting was Vincent van Gogh's Mulberry Tree, mostly because the texture was so cool. There were also a few paintings that had such lifelike eyes they were almost disturbingly realistic!
So we finished at the museum, called AAA, and head out to the car. The locksmith people were there in under 15 minutes and we were headed to our next stop... Roscoe's in Hollywood.
Have you ever had chicken and waffles? I thought it sounded disgusting but I was wrong! I also tried greens for the first time. They weren't nearly as good as the waffles or the chicken but I would eat them again.
Honestly it was fun to have things go "wrong" tonight. When the keys got locked in the car he didn't flinch. When we found out that the one room containing all the art he really wanted to see was closed he was a little bummed for about 30 seconds but none of it put a damper on a great night. I think it's good to see how someone reacts when things don't go as planned. It might seem like a small thing but for me it was HUGE. I was so excited that the inconveniences didn't make him irritable, in fact he laughed about them.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A day at the dentist...

The older three kids had dentist appointments today. I'm always worried they will revoke my mother of the year award and replace it with useless mom shackles because I've failed at making sure my kids brushing is perfect every day. I'm even more worried about the possibility of another baby root canal or a tooth breaking off and needing to be pulled because it got so infected. The latter wasn't my fault I swear! It was caused by a tooth that randomly broke off and decayed to the point it needed to be pulled all within a month of seeing the dentist. Anyway they all got through their appointments. Only one had any cavities. There were two but they were little. She was also the only one who needs to work on her brushing... whew! Oh, and she's the same kid who had that tooth pulled AND the baby root canal so maybe she just got the crappy teeth gene from somewhere.
It was also my day to run into friends at the dentist. I pretty much only see Jess in passing at church or every time I go to the dentist. We can't quite figure out how we are always at the dentist at the same time because one of us is usually there for a cleaning and the other is not. In any event it was especially good to see her today because today I sat at the dentist for over an hour with my ex, which isn't really my idea of a fun time. We're civil and all but seriously - I don't want to chill with him for an hour in a setting like that on any kind of regular basis!
After the appointment the kids went with their dad and I went to Panera for a spinach and egg souffle... and a little blogging :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is pathetic!

I felt a headache coming on around five tonight. By five thirty it was pretty much a full blown nausea inducing, vice grip on the head kind of headache. I decided to lay down and try to sleep for a little bit hoping it would ease up. It didn't. I got up, made dinner for the kids and took a bunch of Advil. I put them to bed and my head was still killing me. Then I realized that I hadn't had any caffeine today. By this point I'm pretty sure some Pepsi would fix my throbbing head but I had four sleeping kids and no soda in the house. What to do? Call in for some random crap to be delivered from Pizza Hut and add a two liter of Pepsi to round out the order of course! Oh, the delivery time was quoted as an hour and twenty minutes but my elixir arrived in under an hour. My headache is gone! Thanks Pizza Hut.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Imaginary friends...

This is super random - but when have I ever stuck to making sense? Anyway I realized today that my kids have an interesting quirk. Shortly after we moved to Rialto in 2002Isaiah started talking about Jimmy. I realized Jimmy was an imaginary friend but still I would ask Isaiah questions about "Jimmy." I asked how old Jimmy was, he's 8. What color hair does Jimmy have? Red. Jimmy would "come with us" on car rides and Isaiah would tell us where he was sitting in the car. At one point I said that Jimmy shouldn't ride on the floor because it isn't safe. I suggested maybe we should put him in a seatbelt. Isaiah's response was "Mom, Jimmy doesn't need a seatbelt. He's already dead." Ok so that's kind of freaky but I decided to ask the follow up question... "Really, what did Jimmy die from?" Isaiah said "He died because he couldn't breath." Mind you at the time Isaiah was only four. Well now all my girls talk about their friend Jimmy too. Does anyone else have kids who's imaginary friends are dead children or are my kids just especially morbid? Did they pass their friend on to their younger siblings?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scandia, friends, family and the new house

A friend of mine had the hook up for a free day at Scandia. When I say free I mean - the kids and I came with her and about a dozen other of her friends and I didn't pay a single dime for anything, not even food. The day was sponsored by one of my friends work contacts for several hundred people. In addition to everything being free Abby won 50 tokens in a raffle and I won 2 all access passes to go back. It was the first "big" thing the kids and I have gotten to do in a really long time. They all had a blast and the price couldn't have been better!
It may not be Disneyland but it was awesome.
Then the kids and I went up to the property where we are building our new house. The foundation has been poured and my parents were hosting a party on the garage slab. The air show at March was today and some friends and family came out to see it. Well, we missed the air show but it was great to see everyone. I walked through the "construction zone" and got a feel for how enormous the house is going to be! WOW! I'm excited!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Last night at work

Two women came in. I welcomed them to the Diner and asked how many were in their party. They said six. So I went to take them to a table but then one of the ladies said "not every one is here yet we're gonna wait for them." It wasn't a typical kind of request but whatever. So they start looking at the candy displays that we have in the waiting area and the lady comes to the register with a few candies. She says she wants to buy them so I ring her up. The total was $2.55 and she hands me a hundred dollar bill. I mark it like I'm supposed to and the lady says "yeah right 'cuz I made it myself this morning." I tell her that I have to mark every hundred so I'm just following protocol. I pull out all the bills to make change for her hundred and she says "oh, wait - I just realized I have a $5 - here take it out of this instead." So I put away all the money I had just pulled and take her $100 from under the drawer. I hand her the hundred and take the $5. I calculate in my head that her change is $2.45 out of the five and start to put that together when she says "that ain't right" and points to the counter. I look on the counter and there is a $10 dollar bill. Confused I said "What's not right?" and she says "THAT! I gave you a hundred and that's what you gave me back!" I said "no maam I gave you a hundred back." Now the managers happened to have just emptied the registers of large bills so hers was the only one that would have been in the drawer so as I responded to her I confirmed that there was not a hundred still in the drawer. Anyway she throws the candy at me, asks for her $5 back and stomps out of the store... in such a hurry that she leaves her cell phone on the counter. Her friend came back a few minutes later to retrieve it. In the meantime I got a high five from one of the managers for not screwing it up. The whole time I'm thinking "Who does that?" people are crazy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little bit of cancer...

oh and, once again, my brother says "if he's gonna get cancer this is the best kind to get." To which I say, what the hell kind of cancer is a good kind to get? Literally, I said that to my mom, and then made her repeat it for my brother... that was pretty funny to tell you the truth - I'm just sayin'! Anyway, my dad has "a little bit" of cancer in some skin they removed from his back. Apparently having cancer two years ago wasn't enough. He has to show us he's all cool and stuff by growing a little cancer on his back too. Ok, dad we get it... you are amazing... fantastic really... you can stop with the cancer now. No, I mean it, knock it off! Geez!
Back when my dad had cancer a few years ago one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer within a day or so of my dad's diagnosis. Ironically she called yesterday to tell me her grandfather was recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer and that he is in hospice, dying. A few hours later I called her back with the news about my dad. So she says "yeah, you know you just have to one up me right? I get cancer, your dad gets cancer... my grandpa gets cancer, your dad gets cancer." I love her! I needed a good laugh!