Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yesterday was kind of major!

For a little background I should mention that my kids don't know that I have dated since the divorce. I don't plan on getting them attached to a guy I'm dating because frankly they have been through enough trauma and I don't want to add to it. At the same time I've been looking for a way for them to meet Brian but without them knowing I'm dating him. So last week my former Mother in law and sisters in law came to visit. That by the way is a blog of it's own but it was a really fun day. Anyway, they brought all the kids tons of gifts - they called them Easter baskets but they were more like Easter buckets... huge ones, and two for each kid. Among the many things they brought was a new basketball for Isaiah. Isaiah loves basketball but he hasn't gotten to play since the end of school last year. We don't have a hoop and the parks near our house aren't exactly kid friendly. In addition, in case you weren't aware, I suck at sports. However, Brian coached basketball for 9 to 12 year olds for somewhere around 8 years. So I told Isaiah that I had a friend who likes to play basketball and we could meet up for them to play sometime.
Yesterday was the big day. We went to a park in a better neighborhood near where Brian lives and he met us there. Isaiah had a blast playing basketball. All the kids liked him a ton. Sophia who doesn't always warm up to people quickly was begging for his attention. She kept saying "Brian, watch this..." most of the time she would fall on purpose to try to make him laugh. So after a few staged falls he runs over to the grass and says "Sophia, watch this..." and he falls. She thought that was pretty cool. This whole time he and Isaiah were playing basketball. Then Abby decides she wants to play... on Brian's team. Well at 5, and never having played basketball before, she was just playing her own version of keep-away but it was funny. Even Ella got into it... she wanted to play but Isaiah knew that she would handicap his game so she joined Brian's team too. Isaiah "won" the game by two points and he and Brian started talking about a rematch.
When the "game" was over I had the kids help me pick up all of our trash from lunch and I turn around and Abby is standing with Brian tossing the ball back and forth, chatting. Isaiah bet Brian "ten bucks" that he could beat him again next time. We said goodbye, got in the car and left. A few minutes later Ella says, "I like Brian. He's a very nice guy." A few minutes after that Isaiah says "Mom I have a question." to which I'm thinking - shoot, I really hope I did as good a job of acting like he was JUST a friend as I thought I did!!! - so I said "what?" Isaiah says "Does Brian know Jesus?" Oh my gosh I love my son!!! Oh, and the answer is a resounding "yes!" Next question, "did he let me win?" that question was slightly harder to answer...ha, ha! Final question, "When can we go play basketball with Brian again? Can we go back right now?"
I'd say that went well.

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.escamilla. said...

i have big smiles on my face for you! :)