Thursday, April 17, 2008

What happens when mom is sick...

The kids want to help - but I won't let them feel like it's their job to take care of me so I go about trying to function as a "normal" mom. They feel bad and do a ton of sweet things for me like painting my toenails (a paint job only a mother could love I assure you), and combing my hair. They don't really want to leave my side so they are super duper snuggly which is definitely one of the upsides of feeling like crap!
They cheer when hot dogs and baked beans are on the dinner menu even though it's really because it's one of the few things I could fix without using my kitchen sink which, by the way, is still clogged.
It's nearing bedtime and I'm actually thinking it would be nice to drag all their blankets into the living room and let them have a slumber party and watch a movie. Honestly I think part of the reason it seemed like a good idea was so that I didn't have to tell them to be quiet and go to sleep 18 times. I wasn't going to suggest it though... and then as if they had read my mind in unison they all ask for some variation of what was in my head. Ella asks if we can watch a show together. Isaiah asks if they can sleep in the living room. Sophia says she wants to snuggle me, and Abby agrees with them all... so tonight in my living room I have about a dozen blankies a handful of pillows and 4 amazing kids all quietly watching Barnyard.
Even sick, life is good!

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