Friday, April 4, 2008

This is great! Well, not really.

In the process of getting all of my paperwork done for that background packet, I hopped on to the San Bernardino County Court records system to get the file number for my divorce. I have the paperwork but getting online was the lazy way out because I wouldn't have to dig through a file to get it and my computer was probably already in my lap. Well, because of my laziness I found this:


Um, that's all well and good... except that I didn't file for a restraining order. Actually, I did, but that was last year and I didn't pursue it and it was subsequently dismissed. So I'm perplexed and wondering if it is some kind of mistake and I call the court. The kind lady says that there is no mistake and in fact a restraining order was issued against my ex on my behalf. Wow, um ok. So I have a restraining order in place which is not necessary or beneficial at this point. It's also not exactly enforceable because I have no paperwork to support it - since I didn't file for the stupid thing in the first place! I called the attorney who helped me with my divorce to see what she thought I should do. She said I needed to print out the pages from the computer that show the divorce/restraining order stuff and take it to the court to show them that the only restraining order I filed for was dismissed so that the error can be fixed. It seems I don't have enough to do. So in the next week I'll be visiting the lovely court house in downtown San Bernardino to clear this up.

As an ironic side note, my ex offered to go with me to clear up the problem. Can you see that? We show up AT the court house. Tell them there is a restraining order in place... and we are standing two feet from each other... what do you think they'd do with that? Yeah I declined the offer. I'm not looking for drama. I'll handle it myself.

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