Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting back to life!

I've been sleeping insane amounts just trying to kick this cold that seems intent on kicking my butt! My sink got fixed (THANKS Dad!!!) but I hadn't taken the time to fully clean up the resulting mess - and all those leftovers that had begun to look like science experiments in the containers I had pulled out of the fridge nearly a week ago! YUCK! So today I got in the kitchen and cleaned... I CLEANED! My floor is still disgusting but the counters are clean, the range is pretty clean, I even cleaned to hood. The dishwasher is running, but best of all there are no dirty dishes on the counter and I have cancelled the ticket on those "science experiments!" Now if I could just get the floor clean, the living room vacuumed and dusted (don't lift my couch cushions!!! ewww), the kids rooms clean, the laundry done, folded and put away, the toilets cleaned, and the van cleaned out it would be awesome! On second thought maybe I'll take my friends theory of "one big thing." She says all you have to do is "one big thing" a day. Then again she doesn't have four kids! If I just did one big thing a day, I would be loosing ground at a pace of at least three big things a day!

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