Saturday, April 26, 2008


Will be 7 tomorrow. First of all it seems unreal to me that it's even possible that she's already going to be 7! Unfortunately, as I feared, her birthday has another memory tied to it for her now. Last year on the day that we had her birthday party life sort of exploded. She came to me this morning and the gist of the conversation was that she associates her dad leaving with her birthday. I knew it was a possibility but I had hoped that it wouldn't end up that way. So I had to make sure she knew that her dad didn't leave because it was her birthday or because of anything else she did. Then there's the fact that, according to Ella, all the other kids at her dad's house have gotten a party and lots of presents for their birthday. She said her dad told her she doesn't get a party because he doesn't have enough money. To her that was like telling her she doesn't count as much as the other 8 kids he had parties for. Ouch! It left me wondering how much it costs to bake a cake and let the other kids buy her gifts from the 99 cent store? It wouldn't take much to make her feel special! All told though she is handling it really well. We talked for a few minutes she seemed to be ok by the time we finished. It helped that she has some birthday money to spend and I told her we could go shopping... there's almost nothing wrong in her little world that a set of fake nails or a pair of shoes couldn't fix!

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