Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is long and involved... but I'm telling it anyway.

Today has been an abundant blog day already but I have one more I couldn't skip telling. It's gonna take some set up so bear with me. I have a friend, we'll call her A, who was dating a boy we'll call B for quite some time. Their relationship ended a little over two years ago when B cheated on A with a girl we'll call C. So B & C end up getting married oh about 6 months ago. Three months after the wedding of B & C my friend A gets a call from B asking for a favor related to her job. That favor turns into a different kind of favor if you get my drift and A ends up getting what she considers to be a bit of payback against C for that whole cheating incident that broke up A & B a few years back.
Flash forward to tonight when I'm working and in strolls B & C for dinner at the Diner. Now I've never met C but I've met B a few times. Now, because A tells me almost everything about almost everything, I know about B's indiscretion. Of course, if you know why my marriage ended, it is kind of a touchy subject with me besides.
I end up having to take the credit card slip for a signature to their table. So I walk up and say "you look familiar, are you B?" and he says "yes" so I say "I'm A's friend" and he says "A??, hmmm, who?" and I say "A so and so..." and he says "Ommm, oh, yes A." Mind you I know full well that he and A had two separate encounters less than three months ago... so I know he is squirming. Better yet is the fact that his "A???" should have tipped of wifey C of something since they BOTH know that A was his last girlfriend before she came along... at any rate he asked how I was doing and what I was up to so I told him/them that I was divorced. He bites like an idiot and says "oh my gosh what happened" so I said "well you know he didn't seem to get the whole 'I have a wife so I can't have sex with other women' thing... and that just didn't work for me." So C says "yeah that wouldn't work for me either" to which I am of course thinking... hmmm so it's ok to cheat WITH the man as long as you're not cheated on BY the man? Followed by the obvious... it's working for you but you just don't know it.
If the circumstances of their getting together had been different I might have felt compelled to tell her and spare her the agony of breaking up a home after their are kids in it... but then I realized that B told C exactly who he was when they first "hooked up." He told her that he was the kind of man who would cheat on a woman. She should have known what she was getting into... and in this case I think she got what she paid for. I have to say it was one of my favorite moments ever watching him squirm in hopes I wouldn't reveal his dirty little secret.
(For those of you who are worried - I wanted to make it clear I don't condone A's brand of payback...just so you know)

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