Monday, March 31, 2008

Stick a fork in it...

It's done!!! I finished the background packet, got the pages notarized this morning that needed to be and turned that bad boy in. Now the wait. At the orientation the dude said 3-4 weeks from when you turn in your packet you should hear from a background investigator. Well, when I turned it in today the lady says "I have everything I need here, you should hear within six to eight weeks." Um, so what is it? Three to four or six to eight? That's a pretty big difference to a girl who really needs this job!
Anyway, as soon as I get assigned a background investigator I'm gonna pass along that info to my girlfriend Christy. Both her hubby and her cousin work for Riv. Co. Sheriff's Dept. and have said they'll put in a good word with my background investigator for me... they say it's who you know right?! Here's hoping it works! Not that I don't think I'm qualified enough on my own but I'm not gonna turn down a little favor!

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