Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My obsession...

I have an absolute obsession with these handy little cotton tipped sticks! I have for probably at least a decade. It is sometimes manageable - meaning I use them once a day... and sometimes out of control... meaning I can't count how many times I use them. When it's really out of control I have caused some pretty miserable damage to my ears. Now before you go telling me that I shouldn't be sticking them INSIDE my ears I'll tell you I know... but who uses a Qtip and doesn't put it in their ear?
Curse the day I run out of Qtips without warning. I step out of the shower and reach for my little friend... and the jar is empty. So I look under the sink for the box and it's empty. AGHHHH! It happened on Sunday. I thought I might go insane. I've been looking for Qtips all over the house for the last two days. They are stashed in drawers around the house too because Abby got wise to my "hey Abby, will you bring mommy 2 Qtips" and started bringing handfuls. She'd tell me "mom, just put some in the red drawer (or bedside table, etc.) so I don't have to bring you more." She's so efficient. Anyway today I got to the end of the random stashes and had to run to Target to stock up. This time I bought a purse pack and the economy size box. By the way brand does matter - only a real Qtip will do. Call me crazy, it's been done before, but I LOVE Qtips!

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