Monday, March 31, 2008

A while back I mentioned that...

Things were about to get easier financially... well the big news is that I got the formers wages garnished. The good news is that I will get consistent money at a consistent time... the bad news is that they can't take more than half of his income which means I will consistently get about $340 less a month than he's ordered to pay. It's too bad that you can have enough kids that they won't really hold you responsible to support them all properly... ugh! In any event consistent something is WAY better than inconsistent and sometimes nothing right?!

Stick a fork in it...

It's done!!! I finished the background packet, got the pages notarized this morning that needed to be and turned that bad boy in. Now the wait. At the orientation the dude said 3-4 weeks from when you turn in your packet you should hear from a background investigator. Well, when I turned it in today the lady says "I have everything I need here, you should hear within six to eight weeks." Um, so what is it? Three to four or six to eight? That's a pretty big difference to a girl who really needs this job!
Anyway, as soon as I get assigned a background investigator I'm gonna pass along that info to my girlfriend Christy. Both her hubby and her cousin work for Riv. Co. Sheriff's Dept. and have said they'll put in a good word with my background investigator for me... they say it's who you know right?! Here's hoping it works! Not that I don't think I'm qualified enough on my own but I'm not gonna turn down a little favor!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's done...almost

I need a notary on two pages and one address from a friend but other than that I can stick a fork it that crazy background packet... it is done! WOO HOOO! So I'll drive it down on Monday morning to turn it in... here's hoping this one takes!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I have this background packet to fill out...

I have been procrastinating for a week. It is 43 pages plus a 4-6 page essay. Then on top of that I need my CHSPE diploma (high school) and my diploma for my associates degree both of which were taken to my ex-husbands parents storage unit at some point in the last 6 years. Why they ended up there I can't quite figure out but I'm not having any luck at all convincing the ex to retrieve them. I also need official transcripts from both colleges I attended and a notary on two of the pages. Some of the questions I have to answer are... well lets just say they are dirtier than anything I've ever posted about which should tell you something because I have no filter! The sheriffs department doesn't mess around with their background investigation!!! Anyway, it has to be turned in no later than 4 pm on Monday the 31st... so perhaps I should be working on that instead of blogging.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My obsession...

I have an absolute obsession with these handy little cotton tipped sticks! I have for probably at least a decade. It is sometimes manageable - meaning I use them once a day... and sometimes out of control... meaning I can't count how many times I use them. When it's really out of control I have caused some pretty miserable damage to my ears. Now before you go telling me that I shouldn't be sticking them INSIDE my ears I'll tell you I know... but who uses a Qtip and doesn't put it in their ear?
Curse the day I run out of Qtips without warning. I step out of the shower and reach for my little friend... and the jar is empty. So I look under the sink for the box and it's empty. AGHHHH! It happened on Sunday. I thought I might go insane. I've been looking for Qtips all over the house for the last two days. They are stashed in drawers around the house too because Abby got wise to my "hey Abby, will you bring mommy 2 Qtips" and started bringing handfuls. She'd tell me "mom, just put some in the red drawer (or bedside table, etc.) so I don't have to bring you more." She's so efficient. Anyway today I got to the end of the random stashes and had to run to Target to stock up. This time I bought a purse pack and the economy size box. By the way brand does matter - only a real Qtip will do. Call me crazy, it's been done before, but I LOVE Qtips!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

I wasn't planning on having another kid...

and before you begin flooding me with calls... we're not talking about an actual human, but a kid of the puppy variety. I'm not a fan of animals as a general rule. My daughter however is doctor freaking Dolittle. Oh, the tricks God plays on parents. Anyway, the last dog I had survived a few months here until shortly after the former and I split. She went to live with him... and I was glad! I mean she was cute and all but seriously, dogs are a LOT of work, plus that was one extra mouth to feed and I could hardly afford to feed all the human mouths in my house. Well, Mr. Responsible let that puppy get knocked up. She had puppies about 6 or 8 weeks ago and of course the kids fell in love with them. Especially Dr. "Freaking" Dolittle... er um I mean Ella. So he tells them they can have one if it's ok with me... way to put me on the spot. I told him we MIGHT want one because we will be up at the property a lot and had planned to get a dog then anyway. So yesterday he brings the kids home, plus one.
The dog is cute... but she's a puppy. She's scared because she is away from her siblings and mom for the first time ever. Plus I think they had the run of the roost over there, but here - pooping on my couch or floor could get you shipped off to an orphanage even if I birthed you... so if you do that and you're a dog... yeah, you get the picture. We are crate training. It has worked super well for several of my friends. It's great when they are trained... getting her trained might kill me. She spent last night in the crate, but would only sleep for thirty to forty five minutes before waking up screaming/crying/whining. I'm exhausted. Kids are easier. When they are small enough to sleep like, well... babies, all you have to do is co-sleep and nurse all night to catch up on sleep. I'm not doing either with a dog.
Gotta love the fact that on top of this dog costing me about a hundred dollars I don't really have in supplies, and lets be honest, the fact that I'd just as soon NOT have a dog at all... the former calls last night and leaves a message for me when I was working and tells me how he thinks he should have at least gotten a 5X7 of the kids not the stingy wallets I gave him. After all he says, he GAVE me a dog. Yeah, thanks. Sweet, because I LOVE dogs...

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm mother of the year...

Friday afternoon I decide to load up the kids, all four of them, and stop by my job to pick up my paycheck. After that I planned to pick up the pictures of the kids that I had taken almost a month ago but never got around to picking up. Then I needed to get to the bank with my paycheck... it was going to be a full afternoon. So we get to my job. I have all the kids get out of the car. Abby goes to shut the door of the van and somehow missed the step where you are supposed to take your fingers out of the way. She slammed her fingers in the door of the locked van. I'm fumbling for my keys so I can try to free her hand. Isaiah and Ella start screaming, at the top of their lungs, as if they were both having their arms amputated without anesthesia. So I calmly tell them to stop screaming while I am simultaneously unlocking the door. I get the door unlocked but it won't open. The kids are still screaming - on top of Abby who is also screaming, but she's actually in pain. So I tell the older kids to stop again... well at this point I've probably asked them to stop screaming 5 or 6 times. They aren't stopping and I'm getting frustrated because I still can't free Abby's hand. So I turn and look at the older two kids and scream "SHUT UP!!!!!" As if I needed a clear reminder of how much I suck I look up to see one of those beautiful blond, physically toned, cookie cutter families with 2 perfectly dressed and stain free children (who had just finished eating at the diner) walking up to me. The man asks if I need help... and I said "no thanks" in my calmest voice, which at that point probably sounded more like something from a horror movie to him. See I told you I was mother of the year. Anyway about that time I get the front door unlocked and it opens which frees up enough space for Abby to pull her hand out. We go into my work and get a bag of ice for the twisted finger which Abby refuses to touch because her hand hurts so bad. Somehow I still managed to leave work with my paycheck but needless to say the rest of my errands didn't get done. We spent the next few hours en route to and then working our way through urgent care. Abby has a handy dandy splint on her middle finger but she is otherwise ok. At this point she is most concerned about the fact that she is sticking up "the middle finger - and it says a bad word." I'm so impressed with the education Isaiah got in public school that he brought home to the rest of the family!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is long and involved... but I'm telling it anyway.

Today has been an abundant blog day already but I have one more I couldn't skip telling. It's gonna take some set up so bear with me. I have a friend, we'll call her A, who was dating a boy we'll call B for quite some time. Their relationship ended a little over two years ago when B cheated on A with a girl we'll call C. So B & C end up getting married oh about 6 months ago. Three months after the wedding of B & C my friend A gets a call from B asking for a favor related to her job. That favor turns into a different kind of favor if you get my drift and A ends up getting what she considers to be a bit of payback against C for that whole cheating incident that broke up A & B a few years back.
Flash forward to tonight when I'm working and in strolls B & C for dinner at the Diner. Now I've never met C but I've met B a few times. Now, because A tells me almost everything about almost everything, I know about B's indiscretion. Of course, if you know why my marriage ended, it is kind of a touchy subject with me besides.
I end up having to take the credit card slip for a signature to their table. So I walk up and say "you look familiar, are you B?" and he says "yes" so I say "I'm A's friend" and he says "A??, hmmm, who?" and I say "A so and so..." and he says "Ommm, oh, yes A." Mind you I know full well that he and A had two separate encounters less than three months ago... so I know he is squirming. Better yet is the fact that his "A???" should have tipped of wifey C of something since they BOTH know that A was his last girlfriend before she came along... at any rate he asked how I was doing and what I was up to so I told him/them that I was divorced. He bites like an idiot and says "oh my gosh what happened" so I said "well you know he didn't seem to get the whole 'I have a wife so I can't have sex with other women' thing... and that just didn't work for me." So C says "yeah that wouldn't work for me either" to which I am of course thinking... hmmm so it's ok to cheat WITH the man as long as you're not cheated on BY the man? Followed by the obvious... it's working for you but you just don't know it.
If the circumstances of their getting together had been different I might have felt compelled to tell her and spare her the agony of breaking up a home after their are kids in it... but then I realized that B told C exactly who he was when they first "hooked up." He told her that he was the kind of man who would cheat on a woman. She should have known what she was getting into... and in this case I think she got what she paid for. I have to say it was one of my favorite moments ever watching him squirm in hopes I wouldn't reveal his dirty little secret.
(For those of you who are worried - I wanted to make it clear I don't condone A's brand of payback...just so you know)

Job Update

I finally got through to the Sheriff's department and figured out why I still hadn't heard back from them about the next step in the process. It seems they changed the way they work the background process. They used to send out background packets. I should have had one mailed to me but for some reason never got it. Now they have orientation meetings for backgrounds and you get your background packet at the meeting. So I am scheduled to go to the orientation meeting on Monday the 17th. I will get the packet then and have 2 weeks to complete it and return it. They will then process it within about 4 to 6 weeks and if I pass backgrounds the investigator will contact me. So I'm thinking by mid May I should know if I've passed backgrounds with them. Then I'll have the interview process to go through still. I'm so excited to finally be back in the swing of things.
In the meantime at the Diner... they are "supposed" to be promoting me to server. I'll believe it when I see it. They have now hired or promoted 3 males to the expo line over those of us female cashier/hosts who were in line for it, and all the female new hires are working right along side me even though some of them have expo or even server experience! That really irks me! The funniest thing is that in order to promote me to server they are now telling me (after already saying it was a done deal) that I have to pass a "menu test." The stupid thing is that NO other server has had to pass a menu test... I'm so irritated with the whole thing. Oh well, I'm gonna study like it's school for me and try to get my butt promoted to server. I need the tips y'all!

One of these things is not like the others...

The girls were playing dress up today. They came out to "model" their fancy outfits... and this is the picture. How many little girls do you know who choose to dress up as Kobe instead of a princess? Gotta love Sophia, always doing her own thing.