Monday, February 11, 2008

Wanna hear something funny?

After I tell you this the saga of the creepy manager will be over for good... Last week at work one of the managers pulled me aside to tell me that el creepo is no longer working for my restaurant. He proceeded to tell me it ended up being a mutual decision because creepo had found other work. He told me that when they confronted him with what I had said he insisted that I had called HIM!!! Of course I told the manager that wasn't the case, but it really bothered me for the rest of that day! What is so funny to me, that I didn't think to mention it until after the chat ended is, how would I call a manager at home if he hadn't first given me his phone number? For the record he didn't give me his number to begin with so there isn't even a possibility that I could have called him. Anyway it just made me realize how dumb people can be when they get caught and don't want to fess up to their mistakes. At the end of the day my integrity is intact... his, not so much!

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