Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guess What?!?!?!

Our plans got approved...finally!!! WOO HOO. Ok so I say "finally" but I have heard that our process was quick compared to most. Plus if we had gotten that original corrections notice that never got sent we would have been at this point a month and a half ago! We will be able to pick up our permit - the coveted "yellow card" as my parents keep refering to it - tomorrow. The trailer that has graced my driveway for the last 14 months or so will be relocated to it's new home which is lovingly known as "the property" or "our dirt." I am super excited that this day has finally arrived except that excitement has been quickly tempered with the realization that this is the beginning of another LONG process... the construction. I'm excited now to start seeing progress on our land. Ok and to be really honest I just can't wait till the day it's done and I can take a bath in my two seater tub complete with jets... that is my one non negotiable. I don't care if the kitchen counters are marble, corian or cement. I don't care what wood my dad uses for the floor. The bathroom fixtures, light fixtures none of that matters much - I guess good quality but cheap is my goal...but the tub is my one big thing! If all goes as planned we will spend next Christmas at the new house. I can't wait to have a party there!

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